The Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen - Swatches and Review

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I received a sample of The Balm Stainiac Hint of Tint in Beauty Queen (berry pink) last summer with an online order and I finally tried it. I am in love! This unique water based formula gives you lots of time to blend and the results are an amazing healthy flush of colour to your lips and cheeks. It lasted all day on my cheeks and a really long time on my lips. Even better is the fact it's totally affordable. I think it retails for $17 US and $18 CAD. I will definitely be picking up a full sized version of this product and check out the other available colours (Homecoming Queen - soft peach and Prom Queen - light rosy pink).

Stainiac hint of tint works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your cheeks or layer to pop the color. Fear not those dreaded streaks that most tints leave behind - Stainiac's water-based formula is designed to give you more time before the stain sets.


Applied on lips and cheeks: