Anastasia Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette #1 Cavalli ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

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Eyeshadow that offers skincare benefits? A lofty claim. The concept of eyeshadows helping maintain a youthful appearance of the delicate skin of our eyelids is certainly a welcome one for me. I've been experiencing some crepeyness and puffiness of my eyelids and if my makeup can help combat those signs of aging I'm all for it.


Anastasia’s comprehensive approach to beauty, from her focus on creating the perfect brow to understanding the surrounding skin’s elasticity and texture, led her on the search for color cosmetics that help to keep skin looking youthful…think of makeup that works like skincare. After years of development, Anastasia introduces Youthful Synergy™ Color, unique clinically tested makeup designed to firm, smooth and illuminate the appearance of skin while also soothing, softening and hydrating. It’s the best of both worlds, the Beauty of Anastasia combined with the Science of Skincare.
Straight from the beauty innovator Anastasia Soare’s Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette features her Youthful Synergy™ Complex. This complex is created from vitamins A, B, C, E and F, as well as naturally rich Brown Algae, Sea Whip and Macadamia. Shadows also feature Anastasia’s exclusive antioxidant-rich Balkan Botanical® Infusion that soothes, softens and hydrates skin. Formulated to help keep the eye area looking youthful and maintain elasticity, this palette is perfect for women of all ages.
Not only are the shadows themselves created to help maintain the youthful nature of the skin, but with 5 gorgeous shades (8 shades in Palette #1) all in one chic palette, you’ll have everything you need to take your look from the office to dinner date. Using diamond core powder, these shadows also diffuse light, minimizing the appearance of pores and wrinkles while providing a breath-taking luminescent quality to your lids. Mix and match colors together as desired for infinite possibilities!


The packaging of these palettes is gorgeous. Sleek, compact, and classy. They feel sturdy, don't take up a lot of room, and the details are lovely. The compact even includes a mini double ended brush with two different heads that is quite usable. Much better than the typical sponge tip applicators!


Palette contains a Mini Professional Brush designed specifically to compliment the silky smooth powders.
Clinically proven results:Clinical result reported at 1 hour is:• 29% increase in skin hydration. 
Clinical results reported at 4 weeks are:• Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on upper eyelid and brow area are reduced. • Appearance of upper eyelid puffiness is reduced.
Consumer test results after 4 weeks of use:70% noticed reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the eyelid77% noticed eye area appears illuminated83% noticed eyelid appears smoother70% noticed eyelid appears firmer68% noticed hooded lid appears less visible83% noticed overall eye area appears lighter/brighter
Clinical test results after 4 weeks this eye area appears:• Firmer• Smoother• Lighter• Less Puffy
Results may vary, though significant results were seen after 1 hour of application.


The palette contains 8 eyeshadow shades grouped into 4 duos. You can create a simple look with the coordinating duos or mix and match the shades for more possibilities. The formula is very smooth and the the shades range from good to excellent pigmentation. There is a mix of finishes with one matte shade (beige) and the rest are more shimmery/luminous without ant glitter. The luminous finish also helps the delicate skin of the eyelid look healthier as it doesn't accentuate any lines as a shimmery or even flat matte eyeshadow can. I can't attest to whether these eyeshadows live up to their claim of improving the look of eyelids over time as with my collection there is no way I'd wear only these eyeshadows for a straight four months! I did like the immediate effect though.

When I first tested these without a primer they faded so much they all but disappeared. With a primer (NARS) these lasted a full 12 hour day for me with no fading whatsoever. Not sure whether wearing primer underneath would block the skincare benefits or not? Hey...maybe that's why without a primer the eyeshadow faded so eyelids were absorbing the benefits. ;-)

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