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MAC Vibe Tribe Review  - 1

MAC Vibe Trive Collection Yellow Topaz Cream Colour Base & Caravamp Patentpolish Lip Pencil Review

I have two items to share with you today from the MAC Vibe Tribe Collection. These two pieces perfectly capture the colourful inspiration of this collection with tones of vibrant orange red and shimmering gold. The packaging is peachy tan plastic with vibrant coral, teal, and brown accents. So fun for summer. The MAC Cream Colour Base in Yellow Topaz ($23 US/$27.50 CAD) is the sole Cream Colour Base in the collection. It is a beautiful light golden champagne that adds just the right amount of dewy champagne shimmer with just a

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shu uemura Fall 2015  - 1

shu uemura Haute Street Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Fall 2015 Collection Review & Swatches

Last year's Vision of Beauty Vol. 01 Collection contained some of my all time favorite products. I am a HUGE shu uemura fan and I anticipate their new releases with bated breath. When I heard that the Fall 2015 shu uemura collection was going to be the Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Collection I was beyond excited. Shu demur's International Artistic Director, Uchiide, was inspired by the creativity and vibrant color of street art for the shu uemura Haute Street Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Fall 2015 Collection. The eyeshadow palettes and

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Sephora Pantone Marsala Layering Lip Collection

SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE Marsala Layering Lip Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

The Marsala Layering Lip Collection ($35 CAD) Is a set of five nude lip pencils that allow you to mix and layer tones of Marsala. The formula contains hyaluronic filling spheres for plumping, and resveratrol, an antioxidant derived from red wine grapes, for hydrating colour that shines. The formula is scent free and has a light buttery cream texture that is a delight to wear. The exterior packaging features a transparent marsala ombre effect. It is really quite lovely. Things get even prettier when you open up the exterior

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cold weather top 10

Top 10 Cold Weather Beauty Products | Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday

This week the Beauty Blogger Top Ten team is sharing our Top 10 Cold Weather Beauty Products. Over half of my products revolve around lips because keeping lips hydrated and protected in the winter is always a struggle. Add to that the fact I am not a very good girl when it comes to drinking enough water and my dry skin winter woes abound. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish ($22.50 US) I use this regularly to gently exfoliate the dry skin off my lips and keep them looking healthy. I keep it in the shower to make sure I don't

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Beauty Spotlight Team Roundup for the Week of May 5th, 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team has a new member who's ready to shake us up a bit. Her name is Sylirael and she's the creator of the blog The Painted Rogue. Considering that none of us are truly rogues we can't wait to see what Sylirael from New Zealand has to share with us. Maybe we'll be shaken a little. The Painted Rogue is wondering why academia is still so backwards when it comes to accepting makeup on its members? Here are some grad school looks from both ends of the makeup spectrum! 15 Minute Beauty is sharing her favorite

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Happy Holidays from Perilously Pale

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take a  moment to wish everyone the very happiest holiday with your loved ones. I am on my way to Christmas Eve celebrations with my family and tomorrow it's Christmas with my husband's family. Looking forward to seeing the excited kids open up their presents!

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OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection ~ Review, Photos, Swatches ~ Which is Witch?, I Theodora You, What Wizardry is This?, and When Monkeys Fly!

[caption id="attachment_8162" align="aligncenter" width="700"] OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful Collection Which is Witch?, I Theodora You, What Wizardry is This?, and When Monkeys Fly![/caption] I am taken with the pieces I have from the OPI Oz the Great and Powerful limited edition nail lacquer collection. Particularly Which is Witch? and I Theodora You. Who knew I could fall so passionately for a pale pink. I never pay attention to that type of colour thinking it is rather unexciting but this shade of pink is just so

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Gillette Wants to Know: Are Beards Killing the Kiss?

I had to share this hilarious video with you. I got such a kick out of this because it struck so close to home! OK scruff can be mighty hot...but do we really want to kiss it and have it rubbing all up on us. With my sensitive skin, beard burn is something I understand all too well. It's just not sexy! I also found the host to be pretty darn amusing. Gillette, a renowned shaving products company, decided to research this matter further and made a cute mini-documentary about it, entitled "Are We Killing the Kiss?" They

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Makeup Wars ~ Products I Purchase Over and Over Again

I originally thought this was going to be a pretty tough Makeup Wars assignment for me. I have many products I adore but I rarely use up products because I have a "wee bit" of stuff AND I can never resist the urge to try something new hoping for my next miracle product. On that note when I really got to thinking about it there are several items I do repurchase, and shamefully some haven't even been reviewed. Amazing how the things you turn to most often can at times be the most invisible. In no particular order: Lansinoh HPA

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Desert Island Beauty with Pammy Blogs Beauty for the Beauty Spotlight Team

The Beauty Spotlight Team's Desert Island Beauty Series continues! This week Pammy from Pammy Blogs Beauty tells us what products she would wish for if stranded on a tropical island. While none of us wish to *actually* be stranded, the very thought makes us select the "best of the best" product-wise. Some truly stand-out and/or multi-purpose items made Pammy's list. Curious yet? Be sure to click the link to find out what Pammy's essential products are!

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Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Volumizing Mousse Review

It has been a long time since I have used a mousse. I associate hair mousse with crunchy curls. I have been using curl creams and gels for years now and have much preferred the results achieved. When I received the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Volumizing Mousse I had no expectations of liking it. I guess mousse products have come a long way because I am really loving this mousse. As soon as I dispensed it I was impressed. It has these really thick, yet light, whipped texture. Not the airy, foamy texture I'm used to. It contains a

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Makeup Wars Favourite Holiday Metallics

I had a tough time deciding what to feature for my favorite holiday metallics. I actually don't own much in the way of metallic makeup. It is a finish that I only recently started appreciating more. For the longest time I was appalled by metallic nail polish but finally came to the realization that you can find quality metallic finish lacquers that don't have brush strokes. I have also gotten over my aversion to glitter and metallic shadows on my lids realizing that I'm only 36, not 86, and life is too short to not enjoy these

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IMG_1902 (3)

Annabelle SmudgePaint in Glitzy Black for Holiday 2012 ~ Photos, Swatches, Review

[caption id="attachment_5247" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Annabelle SmudgePaint in Glitzy Black for Holiday 2012[/caption] I first introduced you to the Annabelle SmudgePaints with the shade Skyline. If you are looking for an affordable, incredibly long wearing, multi purpose eye product then the Annabelle SmudgePaints will not disappoint. There are five shades in the permanent lineup and every one is lovely. [caption id="attachment_5246" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Annabelle SmudgePaint in Glitzy Black for Holiday

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The Beauty Spotlight Team Roundup for the Week of October 22nd, 2012

15 Minute Beauty shows exactly how she gets her amazing lashes. Looking for a serum to fight aging? Pammy Blogs Beauty finds a great one with StriVectin SD Power Serum for Wrinkles! Want to know more about The Best of Beauty Award winners? Check out Lola's Secret Beauty Blog's exclusive interview with Allure Magazine's Assistant Editor Sophia Panych! Modesty Brown shares her Sunday morning skin saviours. What do you and Faith Hill have in common? You both wear the same fragrance thanks to Prime Beauty! Enter to win

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A Colorblocked Manicure in 8 Steps

The folks at Target have been impressed with the amazing nail art they've been seeing on nail blogs and on Pinterest and wanted to offer those, umm let's say a little less talented, an easy way to create nail art for themselves on The behind the scenes at Target site. Step 1: Prep and PrimePrep nails with your favorite basecoat, which helps polish adhere longer and prevents your nail beds from being discolored by dark lacquers.Step 2: Pick Your PolishSelect a few complementary polish colors. For the best

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