Spring Pastels from Covergirl

One of the first things that comes to mind when we think spring makeup is pastels. I thought I would share a few new soft and pretty shades for lips and tips from Covergirl with you.

Covergirl Pastels 1

Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in 213 Cotton Candy Twist is a soft, glossy pale warm pink nude:

Covergirl Pastels 2

Covergirl LipPerfection Lipstick in 256 Creme is a lovely pale peachy beige nude:

Covergirl Pastels 3
Covergirl Pastels 4

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in 142 Salt Water Taffy is a pastel green cream with excellent coverage.

Covergirl Pastels 5

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Lancôme Lip Lover | Rose Ballet, Rose Contre-temps, Rose des Cygnes, Violette Pirouette | Photos, Swatches, Review

I am a huge fan of the Lancôme In Love range and the newest addition, the Lancôme Lip Lover ($29 CAD), is quickly becoming a favourite.

Lancome Lip Lover 01

The Lip Lovers share the same click to open mechanism as the Gloss In Love lip glosses.

Lancome Lip Lover 02

There are two shade families and each has it’s own unique ultra-feminine fragrance.  Lancôme swathes the Basic Chic shades in a delicate, romantic fragrance: fresh rose petals are made mouth-watering with a hint of vanilla and juicy raspberry. For the Creative Chic colours, a deliciously voluptuous composition: heart notes of opulent rose perfected by powdery iris and violet accents… Totally addictive!

There are 21 shades all together. I have three from the Basic Chic shades to share with you (Rose Ballet, Rose Contre-temps, Rose des Cygnes) as well as one of the Creative Chic shades (Violette Pirouette).

Lancome Lip Lover 03

Lancôme Lip Lover 313 Rose Ballet

Lancome Lip Lover 09

Lancôme Lip Lover 313 Rose Ballet

Lancome Lip Lover 04

Lancôme Lip Lover 321 Rose Contre-temps

Lancome Lip Lover 10

Lancôme Lip Lover 321 Rose Contre-temps

Lancome Lip Lover 05

Lancôme Lip Lover 338 Rose des Cygnes

Lancome Lip Lover 11

Lancôme Lip Lover 338 Rose des Cygnes

Lancome Lip Lover 06

Lancôme Lip Lover 361 Violette Pirouette

Lancome Lip Lover 08

Lancôme Lip Lover 361 Violette Pirouette

I love the applicator of the Lip Lovers. It has an elongated arrow shape and curved profile that precisely hugs lips’ shape. They somehow manage to dispense the perfect amount of product so that you never have to double dip the wand.

Lancome Lip Lover 07

Lancôme Lip Lover in Rose Ballet, Rose Contre-temps, Rose des Cygnes, Violette Pirouette

Check out this super fun video that will have you craving even more shades of Lancôme Lip Lover!

I can’t get enough of these Lancôme Lip Lovers. They have amazing pigmentation and cover the lips evenly with ease. They last remarkably long for such a hydrating and weightless lip product. I get several hours of wear and they even leave a lovely stain behind. They have a beautiful glossy shine that doesn’t look plastic but rather makes lips look plump and healthy. My absolute favourite shade, of the ones I’ve tried, is Violette Priouette. It can be so hard to find a purple lip colour that doesn’t look garish or ridiculous. Violette Pirouette is so wearable and just plain STUNNING. I created a little mood board to honour my adoration for this shade. I’d have to say my second favourite of the four I’ve tried is Rose Ballet. I love that it has enough coverage to offer the most flattering pale pink soft nude lip without settling into lip lines. It also lasts for a couple hours on me which I found remarkable for such a light shade.

Lancome Lip Lover 12

Here are 5 Lip-Tips from Lancôme Make-up Artistry:

It has never been so easy to play with trends and create incredible colour effects on lips with outstanding precision thanks to the arrow applicator:

Heart-shaped lips: For stunningly delectable lips, adorn them with Rose des Nymphes, plus a hint of Corail Cabriole in the centre. For an even more daring look, apply Bordeaux Tempo to lips with Orange Manège in the centre – a contrast guaranteed to put lips in the spotlight!

Volume-boosting border: Doesn’t every woman dream of defined lips with plumped up volume? The secret: create contrast between the lips and the contour to enhance the central colour. Try using Rose Ballet all over lips with a light border of Air de Violine: a high-volume effect without fail!

Plumped-up lips: For impossibly plump lips, try using a light shade over the whole lip with a dark shade at the corners: two hints of Ambre Arabesque will accentuate Pas de Prune, or why not try a duo of Violette Pirouette at the corners with Framboise Étoile as the base tone.

Tone-on-tone volume: Choose two shades fairly close together in the colour palette to balance out the width of the upper and lower lips. Apply the lighter colour to the thinner lip to bring out its volume; use the darker colour on the thicker lip. For example, try it out with Rose Attrape-coeur and Lip Lover!

Crazy contrast: Go for a daringly wild mix & match with surprising colour contrasts like Abricot Tango on the upper lip, juxtaposed with Fuchsia Attitude on the lower lip.

Make sure you check out the Lip Lover microsite at www.liplover.ca to enter to win your favourite shade!
You can use the promo-code LIPLOVER to get 10% OFF + Free Shipping applicable on any purchase on Lancome.ca between March 24th to April 25th inclusively.

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Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Gel-Effect Shine & Wear Nail Laquer | Junon and Front Row | Photos, Swatches, Review

The new Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Gel-Effect Shine and Wear Nail Laquer ($26 CAD) gives beauty lovers the ultra-shiny and lasting finish of a gel manicure in 14 beautiful shades. Techno-Polymer from laminated glass technology transfers the lacquer into a film that is as shiny and smooth as glass. Organic silicon in cooperation with the adherence properties of the Techno-Polymer create and invisible fusion between the polish and nail for long-lasting wear.

Dior Gel Effect Vernis 1

494 Junon and 769 Front Row are both classified as Statement shades.

Junon (shown two coats with no top coat) is a gorgeous mid toned grey. Who knew I could love boring old grey so much? This is NOT boring!

Dior Gel Effect Vernis 2

Junon with the matte top coat 187 Perle (released with the Spring 2014 Trianon Collection) creates a stunning smoky lavender nail. I am obsessed with this combo!

Direct sunlight:

Dior Gel Effect Vernis 3

Indirect natural light:

Dior Gel Effect Vernis 4

Front Row (shown two coats no top coat) is an insanely stunning bright, iridescent pink. I mean WOW!

Dior Gel Effect Vernis 5

The improved rounded, flat shape of the new Dior Vernis brush makes impeccable application effortless. I am very impressed with this new formula. Of course it isn’t going to really be as resilient and long-lasting as an actual gel manicure but it sure is an amazing nail lacquer. The finish is gorgeous.

Available April 2014 at Dior Counters Nationwide and The Bay and TheBay.com. Available at Sephora in May 2014

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