The Antiquité Poupée Eye Kaleidoscope. Dustin Lujan for Le Metier de Beaute – Sneak Peek!

Do you have your Le Metier de Beaute Antiquité Poupée (translates to Antique Doll) Kaleidoscope for Holiday 2011 reserved yet with Dustin at Bergdorf Goodman? I sure do! I am so in love with his creation from last year, Smoldering Embarkment, that there was no way I was missing out on his new offering. I especially loved this look I did with Smoldering Embarkment.

Dustin’s main inspiration for this kaleidoscope is the feeling invoked by discovering an antique doll like the one pictured below. A beautiful treasure that is luxurious and beautiful despite being a little tarnished by the wearing of time. 

To add to the feeling of a treasured memory this kaleidoscope is presented in an exquisite gold gift box adorned with a hand crafted aspen leaf ornament plated in your choice of  24k gold, silver or bronze.

The shades in Antiquité Poupée from top to bottom are:

  • Dusty Rose 
  • Burlap Sorrel
  • Tarnished Russet
  • Ember Ash

The top shade, Dusty Rose, looks similar to Champagne from the regular line but does differ in shade and finish. I think this would work great as a highlighter on the face as well. Burlap Sorrel is a gorgeous TAUPE. OK it’s described as a multi-tonal brown but who are we kidding…it’s taupe! Tarnished Russet is the shade that seems to be scaring some people away from this palette. I’ve even heard people saying “I would get it if it didn’t have that colour”. Well this is the shade that makes the palette. Same way the “scary” red shade in last year’s Smoldering Embarkment made that palette so special. Maybe a matte brick shade isn’t normally your “thing” BUT this shade is meant to work with the other shades in the palette. To layer with them. I am confident the end result of using Tarnished Russet with the other shades in Antiquité Poupée will be gorgeous, because my dear readers, Dustin KNOWS his stuff! Ember Ash is a deep blue silver charcoal. 

I love this promo pic for the Holiday 2011 Kaleidscope because it looks so real and not photoshoped to death.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of Dustin working his magic on the gorgeous model for the shoot.

And of course I must include a gratuitous pic of Dustin because he is just so darn handsome! Call him at Bergdorf Goodman now to reserve yours (212) 872-8612. It should be available in early December I believe. 

Butter London Tart with a Heart from the Holiday 2011 Collection – Swatches and Review

Tart with a Heart is a Limited Edition shade from the Butter London Holiday 2011 collection. From their website: 

Who says pink glitter can’t be girly AND sexy?! This pale pink parade of glitter carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice. 

This polish has a lot of subtle gold glitter in a clear base with some slightly larger pink and blue/green reflecting glitter added in. This polish covers wonderfully. It applies the glitter evenly and almost to full coverage with 3 coats. It also wears really well. These pics were taken on day 3. Mind you I was in bed with the stomach flu and not exactly being rough on them but still…perfect after 3 days is worth noting.

So did I like this polish? Well it didn’t really wow me. I didn’t find it had much impact. It didn’t seem to really catch the light all that much and just seemed a bit blah to me. (EDIT: Tart with a Heart is an AMAZING layering polish! Just one coat on top of a variety of polishes yields and incredibly beautiful result. I’m in LOVE. The glitter is quite dense in this so one coat offers a really nice even coverage of sparkle. FABULOUS!) I think I will have to play with layering this polish to fully appreciate it’s beauty because against my fair skin it just doesn’t stand out. Also, holy crap was it hard to get off! I mean we all know glitter polishes are hard to get off but this one was INSANE. I mean I have never had that much trouble before. It took me taking multiple goes at it several times through the night because my hands were cramping. I even resorted to soaking my nails in polish remover with no luck. That said, I don’t think I will be wearing this one again.

My apologies for the horrifying condition of my cuticles in this post. Being dehydrated from the flu certainly didn’t help matters but wow are my nails a mess right now. I just can’t seem to get them to grow.

Butter London The Black Knight from the Holiday 2011 Collection – Swatches and Review

When I first started seeing pics of The Black Night from the Butter London Holiday 2011 collection I knew I needed to have it. The instant it was available on the Canadian website I ordered it and after a very long delay it finally arrived on my doorstep. 

The Black Night is a beautiful glitter polish in a black base. Two coats were all I needed for a perfect finish. It applied very evenly and easily. Sometimes glitter polishes can be a bit of work but this one required no effort. The glitter contained in The Black Knight is bright blue, fuchsia pink that reflects either pink or red depending on the angle the light hits it, as well as gold micro glitter. The effect is dazzling and I’m in love with it.

I am currently on day 3 of wear with not a chip in sight!

Stay tuned for a review of Tart with a Heart!