Biotherm SKIN.BEST is Anti-Aging Skincare for a Youthful Expression Against Aging in Motion

I am really starting to notice the effects of aging on my skin. In fact the other week I posted on social media that I was considering giving up smiling because I was so fed up with the changes I saw happening. Biotherm has developed SKIN.BEST which is the first instant correcting and youth-protecting concentrate to target early skins of aging and acknowledges that the signs of aging are most apparent when we are making facial expressions. The wrinkles around our eyes, the deepening nasolabial folds, and the one that has been increasingly driving me nuts; smile lines. For me I find it’s not only the smile lines but the total change in appearance and texture of my skin in that area. Biotherm is addressing our “aging in motion”.

Biotherm Skin Best 1

The key ingredients in the line are:

Astaxanthin – Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant and Astaxanthin rich H.Pluvialis algae extract helps protect keratinocytes from UVA-induced stress which decreases the production of free radicals. It has a longer potency period than most antioxidants like Vitamin C or E meaning it can handle multiple free radicals simultaneously without becoming toxic at high doses. Studies have shown it to be 500-1000x more powerful than Vitamin E and much more powerful than other carotenoids such as lutein, lycopene, and B-carotene.

Spirulina – Spirulina is categorized as one of the greatest energy source on earth being one of the most well balanced sources of nutrition on the plant. It is comprised of at least 60% vegetable protein which means it has double the protein concentration of soy. Now we aren’t going to eat our SKIN.BEST skincare so why is this important? Well the same way it provides vital energy as a food source it also acts as a cellular energy booster to the skin when applied as well as providing cellular protection against free radicals.

The two products I have been testing from the line are the SKIN.BEST Serum-In-Cream and the SKIN.BEST Day Cream SPF 15 for Normal Combination Skin (there is also one available for Dry Skin).

Biotherm Skin Best 2

The SKIN.BEST Serum-In-Cream ($62 CAD/30 ml) provides the efficacy of a serum with the added comfort of a cream. It moisturizes and softens while giving a blurring and mattifying effect on the skin.

The SKIN.BEST Day Cream SPF 15 for Normal Combination Skin ($65 CAD/50 ml) offers the antioxidant youth protecting benefits of the SKIN.BEST actives in a protective cream. There is also a more richly nourishing cream available for Dry Skin also with SPF 15.

If you are looking for more sun protection you could try the SKIN.BEST CC Cream SPF 25 ($40 CAD/30 ml) available in Light and Medium that offers colour correction.

SKIN.BEST Serum-In-Cream, Day Cream SPF 15, and CC Cream are available now. There will also be SKIN.BEST Night and Eye formulations coming out this Fall.

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Product provided for my consideration. All reviews are always my own honest and unbiased opinions.

Sunday Riley Skincare Review | Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Good Genes Treatment, Start Over Active Eye Cream

Sunday Riley1

Sunday Riley is a brand that many of you may be unfamiliar with but it is a brand that I have been anxious to try for a couple of years now. First let me tell you a little about the brand. Sunday Riley began her career in the cosmetics industry on the laboratory side. She noticed there was a gap in the marketplace for scientifically advanced, high performance formulas which also utilized pure, potent botanicals and cleaner chemistry techniques. She assembled a super-team of cosmetic chemists in 2007 and started making plans for her own brand which launched with a ten product skincare line-up in 2009. She also expanded the line to include colour cosmetics a few years ago which I am equally excited to try.

Sunday Riley2


The packaging and presentation is practical yet luxurious. The products come nestled in sturdy boxes. The cleanser is in a plastic bottle for safe use in the shower but the treatment and eye cream are in thick glass bottles.


The three products I tried were:

CERAMIC SLIP CLEANSER ($45 US/125 mL/4.2 fl oz) Is a gel-based, foaming clay cleanser rich in vitamin C and essential oils. Purifies the skin, tightens pores, and stimulates collagen and circulation. With natural essential oils to tone and balance the skin. The ultimate treat for normal and combination skin. Paraben free.

  • Tightens pores and removes impurities with Refined French Green Clay
  • Tightens pores and boosts radiance with Vitamin C
  • Stimulate circulation with Black Pepper
  • Anti-microbial and helps with skin irritation, inflammation, allergic conditions, exzema, promotes radiance with Sandalwood
  • Soothes and restores with Jasmine
  • Tones with the natural astringent Frankincense

Cleansers don’t tend to excite me. I mean you just put them on to wash them right back off again. But there was something about this cleanser that I really love. It has a very unique texture and feel and left my skin feeling really lovely after cleansing. It actually felt like it really was improving my skin which isn’t something I tend to look for or expect in my post makeup removal cleanser.

GOOD GENES TREATMENT ($105 US/30 mL/1 fl oz) A brightening, multitasking, radiance treatment and mask that will plump fine lines, reveal brighter, newer skin, and improve circulation for a smooth, vibrant complexion. Long term use will help restore damaged skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and scars, reduce the depth and number of line and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and increase epidermal thickness and firmness.

  • Plumps lines, exfoliates and refines skin, decreases wrinkle depth over time with 40% Lactic Acid
  • Boosts circulation, which brings oxygen to the skin, increases vibrance and radiance with Lemongrass
  • Natural skin brightener. Anti-inflammatory with Licorice
  • Boosts circulation, skin soothing. Helps counteract sting of lactic acid with Arnica
  • Helps heal the skin, create stronger, healthier tissue with Yeast

While this treatment can be used liberally as a mask I found myself applying this day and night as almost my sole form of treatment and hydration during my month of testing. It has the consistency of a light lotion and my skin seemed to really respond well to it. Even though it is an extremely trying time of year for my dry and dehydrated skin the Good Genes treatment seemed to be all I needed to keep my skin smooth, soft, radiant, and healthy.

START OVER ACTIVE EYE CREAM ($85 US/ 30 mL/1 fl oz) An active eye cream that corrects puffy eyes, dark circles, and damaged skin. Formulated with key ingredients which repair, protect, and nourish the delicate eye area while helping you appear more rested and alert. Immediately plumps up fine lines and rapidly depuffs the periorbital area. Provides anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, and anti-pollution protection. Instantly cooling and lifting. Provides photostable antioxidants for day use, while helping to renew, strengthen, and regenerate the periorbital tissues overnight.

  • Photostable source of Vitamin C, brightens skin, collagen synthesis, antioxidant with Vitamin C
  • Helps prevent and repair UV damage with Lutein
  • Naturally brightens Dark Under-eye circles, Anti-Inflammatory with Licorice
  • Rich in nutrients for the Skin, Cellular renewal, anti-pollution with Algae
  • Induces collagen and elastin production, accelerates healthy skin growth with Yeast Extract
  • Protects against transepidermal water loss. And moisturizes with squaline
  • Reduces fluid retention and puffiness with MCT

The formula of this eye cream sounds amazing but unfortunately I wasn’t able to test it for long term results for you. My eyes reacted to something in this cream. I’m not sure if it was the scent or maybe the “cooling effect” but whatever it was caused my eyes to burn even if I kept it a good distance from my eyes. Reading other reviews on this I haven’t noticed anyone else to experience this so I think it is just some strange quirk reaction I have. The consistency is wonderfully light and it absorbs quickly firming the eye area.

Sunday Riley is available in the US at Space NK (US) and in the UK and to Canada via Space NK (UK). You can also find it at Sephora.

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Product provided for my consideration. All reviews are always my own honest and unbiased opinions.

Introduction to the RejuvaSea Skincare Collection

As a Pretty in my Pocket Expert Blogger, I sometimes receive product samples from their brand partners. PRIMP’s newest brand partner is RejuvaSea! You can access all my product reviews and recommendations including RejuvaSea right on the Pretty in my Pocket app.


If you haven’t heard me talk about PRIMP before let me give you a brief recap on the service. Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP), is a mobile beauty shopping companion that makes shopping for beauty products fun again! With honest reviews you can trust, this pocket pal guides you through the overwhelming array of products in the beauty aisle. PRIMP combines drugstore to department store product ratings, reviews, looks, and swatches with in-store purchase incentives called Perks and is available for FREE on iPhone & Android.

Now lets talk about RejuvaSea! Welcome to the destination for beautiful skin, the waters of Veta la Palma. Located in southern Spain, Veta la Palma is one of the largest, most important sustainable sanctuaries in the world. With exclusive access to the sanctuary, the scientists at RéjuvaSea Skincare Labs began to examine the marine life of Veta la Palma to better understand the powerful draw of its waters.

After years of research and study, their scientists were able to isolate what is believed to be the world’s most potent strain of marine phytoplankton. This breakthrough in marine science led to the discovery of our proprietary antioxidant, RéjuvaPlankton. Laboratory studies found our powerful, ocean-based antioxidant to have extraordinary benefits for the skin, including stimulating collagen production, increasing mitochondrial metabolism (crucial to healthy skin cells), and inhibiting melanin secretion (reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation which allows for more even skin tones). In order to preserve the natural resources of Veta la Palma, our scientists replicated this nutrient-rich ecosystem at our research and development facility and designed an innovative method for sustainable harvesting of RéjuvaPlankton. With an advanced extraction process, our skincare specialists have developed products with better efficacy, increased absorption and higher concentrations of proprietary RéjuvaPlankton® than ever before.

The products are available individually as well as in these kits:

Total Rejuvenation Kit – $156.00 (Value: $210)

Total Collection

“Complete collection for total skin and body rejuvenation. Give your skin and body the Total Rejuvenation it craves. This complete collection of 6 full size products provides daily radiance and nightly repair with our proprietary antioxidant, RéjuvaPlankton.”

  • RéFine Exfoliating Cleanser 130 mL / 4.4 FL OZ
  • RéBalance Hydrating Sea Mist 100 mL / 3.3 FL OZ
  • RéVitalize Firming Serum 50 mL / 1.7 FL OZ
  • RéPlenish Cellular Repair Night Cream 50 g / 1.7 OZ
  • RéPair Cellular Repair Eye Cream 14 g / .5 OZ
  • RéHydrate Daily Nutrient Body Lotion 200 mL / 6.7 FL OZ

You can also just try 3 of the main products in the line in a smaller 30 day size in the Trial

30 Day Trial – $46.00 (Value: $62)

Discover RejuvaSea Trial

“Discover RéjuvaSea and truly clean, refreshed, and revitalized skin with this trial size collection of three of our most powerful products. Generously sized, our trial collection will give you 30 days* of advanced antioxidant protection with proprietary RéjuvaPlankton.

*Based on average customer usage per application instructions”

  • RéFine Exfoliating Cleanser 50 mL / 2 FL OZ
  • RéVitalize Firming Serum 30 mL / 1 FL OZ
  • RéPlenish Cellular Repair Night Cream 14 g / .5 OZ

I am several days into my testing of the complete line and so far I am really loving it. I love that the products are formulated without Parabens, Mineral Oil Petroleum, Triclosan Sulfates, and Phthalates. I also love that the ingredients listings aren’t full of things I don’t recognize. My skin is responding well so far and I will be sure to update you in about 30 days time on my results.

RejuvaSea happens to be running an amazing promotion right now! Check it out! Win a $30 store credit to where 5,000 winners are announced every Tuesday! Enter to win here:

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Product provided for my consideration. All reviews are always my own honest and unbiased opinions.