Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Gift Set for Holiday – Photos, Swatches, and Review

Too Faced Set1

Too Faced has outdone themselves with this beautifully packaged Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things ($64 CAD) collection of products hand picked by Too Faced Co-founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino.

Too Faced Set2

The packaging and Too Faced’s signature chevron-print clutch were designed by celebrity decorator and TV personality Mary McDonald. Inside you’ll find a sturdy magnetic closure cardboard palette, full sized Lip Injection Color Bomb Lip Tint and sample sized Better Than Sex Mascara.

Too Faced Set3

The palette includes: [Read more...]

Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Gloss in Heather Royal Jelly ~ Photos, Swatches, and Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge has launched their new Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Lip Gloss which I believe is a replacement for their lip treatment that shared the same name. I have a the beautiful pink beige nude Heather Royal Jelly to share with you.


SWELL BLISS XXX Lip Plump immediately volumises lips while enabling a long lasting beauty. The rich, shiny gloss encourages a slow and comfortably swell, defining while pluming and bequeathing lips with the ability to store water, so a fabulous fullness is maintained over time. One of the alluringly shimmering shades, named after the bees discriminate choice of pollen-flowers, swept over lips will bequeath an amplified beauty designed to set you apart from the crowd. Our formula is as equally cherished, known only as “triple-x”, so keep the secret safe; cosmetic surgeons who were never allowed in the garden will do anything to stop this Lip Plump becoming the latest beauty buzz!

This unique formula coats lips with a strong, protective film that brings light and colour, an outstanding shiny brilliance and immediately plumps. The plant-derived active Volulip is as effective as the components in lip-swelling injections and produces a rich, prolonged volume. Containing a plant Portulaca “Kiss-Me-Quick” Extract, blended with a natural Matrikine Modified Peptide Mimetic, Volulip stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. By working to increase cellular energy anti-ageing Signaline, a combination of Jojoba Wax and Olive Oil Extract, counteracts age-related changes. While the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E Acetate help protect, soothe and moisturise. Working together, film-forming agents, gelling oils and emollients make the texture very soft and fluffy without feeling sticky and give a “Light Interference” effect. Paraben and fragrance free, this high-performance XXX Lip Plump also ensures lips look super glossy and feel incredibly comfortable.


HEATHER ROYAL JELLY Nude rose-beige with subtle four colours pearls for micro-shimmer (the perfect shade for a glossy nude look).


This is a really lovely sheer gloss. It has a light, sweet mint scent and the most gorgeous delicate shimmer that gives a full look to the lips rather than looking sparkly. There is no tingling with this plumping product. The effect is subtle and free of sensation. I find it very moisturizing and just the effect alone of it improving the condition of my lips has them feeling more healthy and plump. The gloss is completely non sticky and has a fairly limited wear time.


The new Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Gloss (€23.53 outside UK) comes in four shades (check out Clover Royal Jelly on Best Things in Beauty. It looks amazing!) and is available now on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website and should be available soon at Zuneta, and BeautyHabit.

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City Lips Original Formula Lip Plumper – Review

September 2013 Update! See below for an update to my City Lips Lip Plumper experience!
Lip plumpers aren’t a product I’ve ever been interested in. I have decently plump lips already and I didn’t feel like experimenting with the odd tingling sensations I’d heard about. So you may be wondering what I am doing posting about a lip plumper. Well I happened to receive a mini sized version of the original City Lips in my August 2011 Luxe Box. I’m so happy to have had a chance to try this because I never thought of using a lip plumper to deal with my new pesky lip lines!
From the City Lips website:
City Lips Original formula is specially formulated to naturally stimulate collagen production while luxurious moisturizers quickly absorb within the lips to soothe and plump even the driest lips. Fortified with essential oils and exclusive ingredients, City Lips’ exclusive formula repairs and renews lips revealing fewer lines, decreased wrinkles, and a smoother, fuller, hydrated lip. Reverse the signs of aging, free-radical damage and dryness with City Lips!
What is City Lips?
It’s an innovative collagen-peptide lip plumping treatment that delivers instant moisture, enhances natural lip color, and makes lips incredibly soft and hydrated. City Lips’ exclusive Oligopeptide and Celadrin™ technology increases lip size safely and painlessly by stimulating lips to produce their own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Oligopeptides and Celadrin™ are the only ingredients that repair and build collagen while visibly reducing the lip wrinkles caused by free radical damage. With each use, City Lips makes lips visibly fuller, reduces and decreases the appearance of lip lines.
Winner of multiple lip plumper product tests conducted by Good Housekeeping Magazine ®. “We found that the CITY Lips lip plumper plumped people’s lips an average of 3 millimeters.” Karen Rauen, Chemistry Director, Good Housekeeping Institute.
Key Benefits and Ingredients:
  • Instantly plumps, boosts hydration, and smoothes lines
  • Potent peptides build up collagen and elastin for long-term fullness
  • Naturally flushes lips with healthy color
  • Builds collagen to decrease lip wrinkles in and around the lips
  • Blocks the breakdown of collagen
  • Essential oils and antioxidants protect lips
  • Pain-free plumping–will not burn or irritate the lips
  • Sheer, lightweight and never sticky
  • Safe to use with lip injections or other cosmetic treatments
  • Can be layered over or under other lip products
Why should I use City Lips?
CITY Lips is different than any other lip plumper on the market because it actually builds the collagen in your lips for long term plumping results. You will get an instant plump with each application, plus you will activate collagen production in your lips and build volume with continued use.
What I like about this product is that it’s not all about instant plumping. It’s goal is to produce long term fuller lips after extended use of the product. They actually guarantee results after 30 days. Now I wasn’t diligent enough to use the product steadily for a solid 30 days. I did however use it quite regularly over a couple of weeks and I did notice a difference. I’m not sure if it would be noticeable to anyone else but I noticed my lips seems a little fuller and less lined. I have started getting annoyed with lips lines as I entered my mid 30s. I never thought I would be concerned about my lips aside from keeping them from being dry and chapped but I do indeed find they’ve become another ageing concern to add to my ever growing list. I also found this product very moisturizing. It worked well in place of a lip balm.
The pictures below were of instant results as opposed to longer term. You will see that after a few minutes my lips are considerably flushed. It’s a nice effect. I do experience tingling but it is not painful. I actually quite enjoyed it and it is very brief. I don’t feel these pics do the product much justice as when I wear this I find the difference more noticeable. City Lips comes in a variety of shades as well as the clear formula. I like applying this with my makeup in the morning and then half an hour later once I’m about to arrive to work applying lipstick to my plumper, less lined lips!
The product info states that it is pain free but there is tingling as I mentioned earlier so I suppose the accuracy of this statement is up to your discretion. They also promote it being lightweight and non sticky. I do find it is a thicker more sticky “typical” gloss texture. I don’t mind it because it lasts well and I only wear this product intermittently.
You can find City Lips Original Formula $32, as well as their Advanced Formula Lip Plumper $35, on their website as well as on
I have had the opportunity to review the full size version of the City Lips to get the proper 30 days of use. I am happy to report that regular use of the City Lips Lip Plumpers helps you maintain a fuller, plumper look to your lips that you can maintain even if you start to become a little more sporadic in your use. It helps smooth lip lines which achieves more youthful looking lips.
Minutes after application:
My lips maintain a plumper look on a regular basis:
I was also able to test out one of the coloured versions of the Advanced formula. It has the same sticky texture, gentle tingling sensation, and lip plumping effects as the original and clear versions. It’s a great way to keep your lips looking plump and maintain the treatment while giving some colour to your look. The Plum shade is a gorgeous plum with medium pigmentation and stunning multi-coloured shimmer.
Overall I feel the City Lips products work to give your lips a plumper and healthier appearance and work great as a regular lip treatment to not only plump but hydrate your lips and smooth fine lines.