Luxury Beauty Shopping at Harrod’s in the UK and Internationally Online


If you want a one stop shop for luxury and exclusive beauty brands then Harrods is the place. They carry brands like Burberry, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, La Prairie, and many, many more. Being an online shopping fanatic I am not unfamiliar with browsing the Harrods website being tempted by the many beautiful high end products they offer.


Being in Canada means that high end department store online shopping is not an option. Why Holt Renfrew doesn’t offer online shopping is beyond me. I usually find myself luxury online shopping, (my favourite past time by the way), from US department stores, but unfortunately many brands are Canada restricted from the US. This means that they will not ship those brands to Canada from a US store. Harrods however, has no such restrictions. While I have been tempted more times than I can count, I have not yet ordered from there myself therefore I can’t speak first hand to the shipping experience. From the research I have done online, (luxury handbag shopping from overseas is quite popular), it appears packages will arrive via regular post rather than a courier service. If you are at all experienced online shopping internationally then you will know why this information is of importance to me. Canada Post is very reasonable in their brokerage charges. If you get charged duty and taxes when it comes through the border, (and I say if because they frequently allow packages through without incurring duty and taxes), then at least you know you are paying the reasonable amount owed and not some crazy inflated customs brokerage charges that most couriers charge. That will be my little international online shopping tip for you. If you are ever given the option of selecting which method you want something shipped, then select the regular postal shipping rather than a courier. I know you may be excited to receive your package faster but it is not worth the risk of the crazy extra fees you are pretty much guaranteed to incur.


As with all online shopping from the UK is it important to remember that the prices you see on the website are NOT what you pay. The VAT (value added tax) will be deducted from the purchase price upon checkout. Unlike what we are used to in North America their tax is included in the price. Since we are located outside of the UK we do not need to pay it. Shipping from Harrods varies in cost from £5.95 to £25 depending on whether you are in the UK, Europe, or other parts of the world. From my experimentation with some products I found with the VAT deducted the UK pricing was often better than the Canadian retail price. $20 cheaper in the case of one face palette I looked at.

Do you shop online? If so do you shop online internationally? Have you ever ordered from Harrods?


Gillette Wants to Know: Are Beards Killing the Kiss?

I had to share this hilarious video with you. I got such a kick out of this because it struck so close to home! OK scruff can be mighty hot…but do we really want to kiss it and have it rubbing all up on us. With my sensitive skin, beard burn is something I understand all too well. It’s just not sexy! I also found the host to be pretty darn amusing.
Gillette, a renowned shaving products company, decided to research this matter further and made a cute mini-documentary about it, entitled “Are We Killing the Kiss?” They interviewed barbers, boys with facial hair, behavioral scientists, and everyday people to get their opinions and insights on this pressing matter.

Are We Killing The Kiss: The Documentary 

What do you think? Are beards killing the kiss?

Keeping Warm This Winter and Distracting Myself from the Cold Outside


I hate getting bundled up for the winter. I’m the kind a person that throws on a coat and that is it. Get me into a warm car and that coat is off and the heat is turned down. My husband on the other hand will have his coat, toque, and mitts on and drive for an hour with the heat on full. Yuck! Here are some ways I’ve been keeping warm but not feeling stifled this winter:

Ellena Snood in Dark Coral - I love how lightweight this infinity scarf is yet it keeps me warm. The bright pop of coral brings life to my face on dull, dreary days.

ASOS Super Soft Long Gloves - These soft acrylic gloves are lightweight enough that I don’t get annoyed driving with them or trying to fumble around with the kids. I love the rouching stitched into these gloves giving them a fun slouchy effect.

ASOS scallop front tab across body bag - This stiff boxed style of this small, yet deep, bag makes it easy to find the items inside with your winter gear on. I love contrasting grey with tan and this bag matches my tan boots perfectly. Of course I shouldn’t be wearing my tan boots in the winter as they are not insulated at all but I don’t have any winter boots right now to fit over skinny pants other than my big greens! 

Cath Kidston Mini Starter Set - A great way to explore the scents of this range and the perfect size for travel and popping in your handbag. The packaging is so cute! I love using these beautifully scented lotions as hand cream for my winter dry skin.

This post was made possible by the folks at Ladbrokes. When the winter chill has you huddled up warm and snug in your house, and your looking for a way to escape the cold, their selection of online games, including slots, will have you forgetting about the snow outside in no time!