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Beautifying Summer Drinks from The Beauty Detox Solution’s Kimberly Snyder

I wanted to share these wonderfully refreshing drink recipes from the lovely Kimberly Snyder. I first posted about her book The Beauty Detox Solution almost exactly a year ago. It is such an amazing book and if you want to really make a change in your life for the better that will improve you health and wellbeing inside and out I strongly recommend it. I only wish that I didn't have such abominably bad will power because I haven't managed to stick with the plan. A month doesn't go by that I don't think about finally committing to

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Nail Art ~ Craft or Art? Check Out This Really Neat Video!

I thought I would share this really interesting video with you from the new PBS Idea channel. Does nail art prove that anything can be a canvas for artistic expression? What do you think? I know I wish I was artistic enough to create some of the masterpieces I've seen some of my fellow bloggers create!Nail Art is all over the internetz, and suddenly it is a THING. The crazier the nail art, the more we marvel at the technique and time that went into it. But is there an artistic message behind these little cuticle canvases? Nail Art

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Question For My Lovely Readers! What Do You Want to See?

Hello my pretties! I just wanted to check in with all of my fabulous readers to ask what you would most like to see on Perilously Pale. I have been considering venturing into You Tube and wondered if any of you would have any interest in seeing me on there. If so, what kind of videos would you like to see me do? As far as blog posts go is there anything in particular you would like to see that I haven't done? Or something I have done that you would like to see covered more? There is one thing I already know and that is

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