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Express Your Personal Style with the DROID Turbo by Motorola

Sponsored Motorola has expanded on their popular DROID line with the new DROID Turbo by Motorola in Gray Ballistic Nylon with the choice of three color accents available to express your personal style; metallic orange, metallic blue, and metallic violet. There are so many things to love about the DROID Turbo beyond this beautiful color customization. The premium ballistic nylon, which was originally developed for military use, is durable, scratch resistant, and water resistant. It includes a layer of Kevlar that is 5 times

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LG G3 Official Beauty Blogger

Selfie Queens and Beauty Bloggers You Will Love the LG G3 Smartphone! #LGG3Beauty

I am so excited to announce that I'm an official LG G3 Beauty Blogger. This has given me the opportunity to experience, and fall in love with, a new phone that I can share my thoughts on with you. As a die hard Apple gal this is an opportunity I would have never given myself the chance experience otherwise so thank you LG! I almost didn't attend the event as I was THAT sure there was no way I could be swooned away from my beloved iPhone. Who knew I could fall in love with an Android! Not only that, but I will also be offering you,

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Give the Gift of Survival with Unicef Unbox and #unBOXpossibilities

The holiday season is one of the most commercialized times of the year. While we know the true spirit of the holiday isn't all about giving and receiving gifts it can become far to easy to get carried away. Personally I swore I wasn't going to spoil my kids as much this Christmas and I know I found myself swept up in the excitement of seeing the joy in their faces Christmas morning opening far more presents than they need. I WANTED to step back from the luxuries we are afforded throughout the year and think about how even the

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My Daughter the Future Vlogger. Oh My!

I probably shouldn't be posting this but I had to share. This video is just too funny not to! Oh boy am I in trouble! My daughter films imaginary videos all day long for her imaginary YouTube channel "Cool Kids" (Don't steal the name! LOL) talking away to herself. I mean seriously talking away to herself all day everyday filming her daily routine, toy reviews, EVERYTHING. I didn't realize she was actually recording with my phone while I did her half assed Monster High Catty Noir makeup before school this morning. Hope you get a

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Top 13 Posts of 2013 on Perilously Pale

1. Dior Holiday 2013 Golden Winter Collection 5 Couleurs Eye Palettes in Golden Snow and Golden Flower - Photos, Swatches, and Review 2. How to do Cat Eye Eyeliner With Tips for Hooded Eyes for The Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel 3. Dior Diorific Lipsticks in Diva, Winter, and Minuit for Holiday 2013 Golden Winter Collection - Photos, Swatches, and Review 4. City Lash Lash Growth Enhancer Review 5. Essie Summer 2013 Collection - Photos, Swatches and Review 6. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids

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Building Makeup Memories with My Daughter ~ An Almay Inspired Reflection ~ Win a Trip to NYC!

I introduced you to an amazing contest that Almay is running in my post on becoming one of Almay's spokespeople for their campaign with the gorgeous Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. They are giving away an incredible trip for two to New York City for makeovers! I wish I could enter but unfortunately it is open to US residents only. Part of entering the contest is talking about one of your favourite makeup memories with your mom. I mentioned in my previous post that I don't actually have any makeup memories with my mom. She has never

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Makeup Wars ~ What This Beauty Blogger Packs for Vacation

So I'm not really going on vacation. Oh how I WISH I were going on vacation. Even just for a weekend. It is just not in the cards right now, nor will it be for quite a long time. Given that in years past my hubby and I have gone on a few tropical winter getaway vacations, including our wedding, I am not unfamiliar with how I pack for these things, so were are going to exercise a bit of imagination here. Now when I go on vacation, and I mean a week long proper vacation, I don't really concern myself with packing light when it

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Luxury Beauty Shopping at Harrod’s in the UK and Internationally Online

If you want a one stop shop for luxury and exclusive beauty brands then Harrods is the place. They carry brands like Burberry, Laura Mercier, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, La Prairie, and many, many more. Being an online shopping fanatic I am not unfamiliar with browsing the Harrods website being tempted by the many beautiful high end products they offer. Being in Canada means that high end department store online shopping is not an option. Why Holt Renfrew doesn't offer online shopping is beyond

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Gillette Wants to Know: Are Beards Killing the Kiss?

I had to share this hilarious video with you. I got such a kick out of this because it struck so close to home! OK scruff can be mighty hot...but do we really want to kiss it and have it rubbing all up on us. With my sensitive skin, beard burn is something I understand all too well. It's just not sexy! I also found the host to be pretty darn amusing. Gillette, a renowned shaving products company, decided to research this matter further and made a cute mini-documentary about it, entitled "Are We Killing the Kiss?" They

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Keeping Warm This Winter and Distracting Myself from the Cold Outside

I hate getting bundled up for the winter. I'm the kind a person that throws on a coat and that is it. Get me into a warm car and that coat is off and the heat is turned down. My husband on the other hand will have his coat, toque, and mitts on and drive for an hour with the heat on full. Yuck! Here are some ways I've been keeping warm but not feeling stifled this winter: Ellena Snood in Dark Coral - I love how lightweight this infinity scarf is yet it keeps me warm. The bright pop of coral brings life to my face on dull, dreary

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The Lilly Brush ~ A Guest Review by Adriana

Lilly Brush is known to save sweaters, but I recently used it to save my favorite pillowcase! This pillowcase is very special to me because it is completely handmade and embroidered. While studying indigenous cultures in Mexico, a good friend of mine decided to help out the people in the village she was working with by bringing their handmade goods to the States to sell – every cent made was then given back to the community from which the items came. The one item that caught my eye was this pillowcase. From what I was told, the

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Truly Extravagant Gift Giving Ideas (or Wishlist Requests) for Beauty Lovers

There have been some really amazing, and equally expensive, gift options catching my eye lately. If you are looking for a gift that will truly wow that special, beauty loving someone in your life than here are some great options. Or, if you would like to "assist" your loved ones in their gift giving purchases for you, and find any of these gifts sparking your fancy, hopefully this post will help you out! Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe Double Decker Palette $125 - This exclusive palette of Laura’s hand-selected shades gives you

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Elizabeth Hurley

Take a Peek Inside a Celeb’s Handbag…and Then Bring it Home!

Want to peek into your favorite celebs handbag? How about buy their handbag filled with their on-the-go must-haves? Patricia Nash Designs is auctioning off handbags filled with the favourite items of 17 different celebrities. Bidding on the stars signed handbag starts at $100 and 100% of the proceeds are going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.Check out the auction here. Some of the celebrities involved include Elizabeth Hurley,  Giuliana Rancic, and Liv Tyler.Elizabeth

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What Do You Think Determines What Colours Look Best On You? Hair Colour or Skin Tone?

JILL KIRSH THINKS HAIR AND SUGGESTS PANTONE COLORS!!Do you know what colors are the best for you and your appearance? Want to look 5 lbs thinner Younger? How about saving money at the store? No more guessing what colors look best on you or someone you’re buying for! “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue” knows how and wants to show you!The secret:  Color Stylist Jill Kirsh ( has taken the mystery out of color.About Jill Kirsh, “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue”Jill's unique approach to working with color has won her the nickname

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ModiFace ~ An Amazing New Online Makeover Tool

I wanted to let you know about a new virtual makeover technology that was just launched that allows users to:Upload their own photo and try out makeup, anti-aging products, skin-care effects, and hair styles and colorsGet instant advice and feedback with an Artificial Intelligence-based virtual beauty adviserWatch video tutorialsAnd MUCH more!This is a free web application that anyone can use.I have been playing with it today and it is so much fun. There are so many products and colours to play with that it's staggering. It

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Natural or Studio Lights? As a Reader What Do You Prefer to See?

Hi my beautiful readers! I just wanted to check in and get your feedback on something that has been bothering me. When you are reading beauty blogs what kind of lighting do you prefer to see used? Natural or Studio?I always use natural light. It's what I have an abundance of and I feel it represents how products look in real life. Natural light can look quite harsh though. For swatches and product photos it can still look excellent but for photos showing the products in use on the face and for face of the day shots it can amplify

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