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The Beauty Spotlight Team has Stranded Perilously Pale on a Desert Island!

The Beauty Spotlight Team's latest assignment is to be stranded on a desert island with only TWELVE beauty products to get us by until help arrives. How cruel is that?! Well I guess it's pretty awesome because who the heck gets to hand pick what items to take with them prior to getting abandoned on a desert island. That's actually sounding like a pretty fabulous vacation to me at the moment. The rules are that we are not including sunscreen and lip balm in our lists as those are simply obvious must haves for absolutely everyone so

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Somme Institute Skincare 5-Step Regime System Review

I am very excited to share the results of my Somme Institute 5-step Skincare regime with  you. First off to give you an idea of how much I loved these products I will let you know that I finished the bottles. I used up every last drop. This speaks volumes as normally, with a backlog of skincare items to review, I usually only test out a product for a period of about 3-4 weeks. Long enough to determine whether I am seeing benefits from the products or not. Typically, regardless of whether I am happy with the products and their

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