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Kye x shu uemura Collection Review  - 4

Kye for shu uemura Collection Review and Swatches

shu uemura always nails it with their seasonal collection packaging and the latest collection is no exception. The Kye for shu uemura Summer 2016 Collection is inspired by the K-Pop (Korean pop) culture that has not only taken Asia by storm, but is becoming a global sensation as well. For their summer collection shu uemura has teamed up with designer Kathleen Kye, who is the high end, high fashion K-Pop streetwear designer renowned for her sophisticated and innovative designs that feature high-tech experimentation as

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Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura  - 1

Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura Collection Review and Swatches

The Maison Kitsuné for shu uemura Collection is the result of a partnership of two of the world's foremost innovators in the arts of fashion, music, and beauty. Colliding East and West to create a neo-classic interpretation of shu uemura's art of beauty. Mason Kitsuné, with it's contemporary vision of fashion, influenced by Paris and Tokyo, and known for reinventing the "classics" while mixing them with a daring range of colors, prints, and materials, brings a modern and chic touch to this collection. "Beauty is culture,

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shu uemura Fall 2015  - 1

shu uemura Haute Street Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Fall 2015 Collection Review & Swatches

Last year's Vision of Beauty Vol. 01 Collection contained some of my all time favorite products. I am a HUGE shu uemura fan and I anticipate their new releases with bated breath. When I heard that the Fall 2015 shu uemura collection was going to be the Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Collection I was beyond excited. Shu demur's International Artistic Director, Uchiide, was inspired by the creativity and vibrant color of street art for the shu uemura Haute Street Vision of Beauty Vol. 02 Fall 2015 Collection. The eyeshadow palettes and

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Makeup Wars Best Eye Makeup Removers

The Best Eye Makeup Removers | Makeup Wars

Today the Makeup Wars team is sharing what we feel are the Best Eye Makeup Removers. I have one true favourite. It has been a favourite for years and I don't see it ever changing. It is not only my favourite eye makeup remover but also my favourite makeup remover in general. It is the shu uemura Ultime8 Cleansing Oil ($90 US/$98 CAD). All of the shu uemura cleansing oils are amazing but the Ultime8, well, it's the ultimate! You do not wet your face prior to using. I only need one pump and I take the cleansing oil and rub my

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top 10 brow products

The 10 Best Products for Brows | Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday

Today the Beauty Blogger Top Ten team is sharing our Top 10 Products for Brows. Recent years have brought some truly innovative and exceptional brow products to the market. We are no longer forced to suffer with the old hard waxy brow pencils of the past. Here are 10 brow products that I've tried and loved. In no particular order: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Brow ($20 US) - I love Aqua Brow! This stuff is not going anywhere! If you struggle with your brows fading you must give it a try. Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz ($21

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Kerastase and shu uemura

Take Fine Curly Hair from Flat & Lifeless to Voluminous & Bouncy with Kerastase and shu uemura Art of Hair

I have very fine curly hair. When your hair is fine, and your curls a little lacking, it's easy to end up with flat, fluffy, frizzy, yet lifeless hair. What a horrific mix. Well it took many years to learn how to make the most of my hair but I have finally learned that the right mix of products, along with the least amount of fussing around i.e. touching/blowdrying etc, results in the best formed curls with the most volume. I usually end up anxious to chop off my hair when it gets to any substantial length as the length weighs

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shupette 1

Shupette Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura Collection Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The Shupette Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura Collection is one of the cutest, most adorably packaged makeup collections I have ever seen. Pretty, quirky, and full of feline parisian class this collection inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's snow white long haired pussycat princess mademoiselle Choupette, a.k.a. “Shupette” will make any beauty and kitty lover purr with delight. You know that's one spoiled kitty when celebrated Karl Lagerfeld collaborates with shu uemura for a whole Shupette inspired make-up line! Beyond the incredible

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Khaki Eyeshadow Collection

My Khaki Eyeshadow Collection with Swatches

Today I am excited to share with you my Khaki Eyeshadow Collection. I was tempted to do bronze, and still will at a later date, but opted instead for one of my favourite fall colours; Khaki. Khaki is described as a dull brownish-yellow but it is much more beautiful than it's description. Shades range from khaki browns, to khaki greens, and even khaki greys. I love the shades because they are a great twist on a neutral, looks great with every eye colour, and you can create such beautiful and interesting smoky eye looks with them.

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Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes

My Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes | Makeup Wars

Today on Makeup Wars we are showcasing our Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes. I am going to focus only on currently available, recently released palettes otherwise this post would be massive. Dior 5 Couleurs 756 Golden Shock ($61 CAD/$60 US) Intense plum and taffeta pink weave a veil of couture colour across the skin, lit up with sequins and golden radiance. The Golden Shock palette offers a stunning combination of plum and gold. I happen to adore this colour combination. The plum is very pigmented. The mauve pink has a satin finish

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shu uemura brave beauty pink look 1

shu uemura #BraveBeauty Soft Pink Look of the Day

This soft, romantic pink look may not exactly be a bold, warrior #BraveBeauty look but it shows you just how versatile the Fall 2014 shu uemura Vision of Beauty collection is. You can express your fierce feminine style with some face studs and bold colours or you can go for a softer look like this. Products used are: shu uemura Satin Radiant Stick in Pink and Light Pink shu uemura Gel Pencil Liner in Violet Purple shu uemura Brave Beauty Pink Eyeshadow Palette shu uemura Brave Beauty Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in

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shu uemura Brave Beauty 10

shu uemura Fall 2014 Brave Beauty Review | Satin Radiant Stick Light Pink and Pink | Gel Liner Green & Violet | Accessories

In my previous shu uemura Fall 2014 Vision of Beauty Collection reviews I have mentioned what an outstanding collection it is. I think it is probably my favourite collection released this fall. Every product I tested as part of the collection had excellent quality and performance. There is something many things in this collection that everyone will love. I have covered the Brave Beauty Eye Shadow Palettes and the Brave Beauty Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks and now it is time to share with you the rest of the products in the

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Backup Worthy Beauty Products | Products I Don’t Ever Want to Run Out Of

As a beauty blogger I don't often "need" to buy anything. There is always a pile of items waiting for review. Sometimes though there are those products that are so good you just keeping coming back to them again and again. Things you'd stockpile if you could so you'd never have to worry about running out. For me these products are (in no particular order):

Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil – I don’t ever want to be without this effective and luxurious cleansing oil. More and more

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Top 10 Fall 2014 Beauty Products | Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday

While the temperature and leaves on the trees are telling me it happened a while ago, the calendar says today is the first day of Fall! I love fall. While it makes me sad to bid farewell to summer the crisp, cool, sunny days of fall are my favourite. Today some of your favourite bloggers are sharing their picks for Top Ten Fall 2014 Beauty Products for Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday. With Holiday releases already creeping into the picture it's time to focus our attention on some of the products released for Fall 2014 that I have

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shu uemura Brave Beauty 13

shu uemura Brave Beauty Collection Rouge Unlimited Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches | Beige, Rose, Maroon

You know a product is good when as soon as it arrives on my desk, is photographed, and is tested it becomes part of my regular routine. A product I can reach for without thinking that I know will look fabulous. That is the case with the shu uemura Vision of Beauty Collection - Vol.1 brave Beauty for Fall 2014. The shu uemura Unlimited Lipstick ($30US/$36 CAD) has been released in 6 gorgeously packaged shades as part of the #BraveBeauty Collection. The Rouge Unlimited formula boast hybrid pigment, high colour fidelity, and

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shu uemura Brave Beauty 04

shu uemura Fall 2014 Brave Beauty Eye Palette Review, Photos, Swatches | Green Palette, Pink Palette, Orange Palette

In my opinion one of the most exciting Fall 2014 beauty collections out there is the shu uemura 2014 Vision of Beauty Collection Brave Beauty Vol.01. Everything from the packaging, to the shades, to the formulas are beautiful to behold and of exceptional quality. The #BraveBeauty collection pays tribute to women's strong, fearless, rebellious femininity. Women are daring to express themselves with make-up as colourful camouflage, daring to decorate with heavy metal face accessories, and viewing the world through a fearless gaze.

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Top Ten Makeup Brushes

My Top 10 Makeup Brushes | Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday

I am so excited about this weeks Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday topic. We are all sharing our Top 10 Makeup Brushes! I am a brushaholic. If I had the funds I would probably own 10 times as many. Brushes truly make all the difference when it comes to your makeup application. Whether it be ease of application, quality of pigment deposited, or quality of blending achieved, it is not just about the quality of the cosmetics you are using but also the brushes. I use natural hair brushes and haven't been able to find many synthetic

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