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Brand Wars

Makeup Wars – Brand Wars – Featuring the Amazing Rouge Bunny Rouge

This week for Makeup Wars we are having a Brand War! Who does it best? When we decided on this topic I immediately thought of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Yes I have many brands that I adore and couldn't live without. YSL, Armani, Chanel, to name a few. But one it comes to thinking of one brand that excels at every aspect of the cosmetics industry I think of Rouge Bunny Rouge. Some of you may not even be aware of this niche brand. You won't find it at a drugstore or department store near you. For the most part customers Worldwide need to

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Trying to Satisfy My Tropical Urges Look

Here's a quick post on a look I did a couple weekends ago. I have been lemming the new Dior Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise collection badly so I thought I would try to curb my tropical cravings with some products in my stash. I used a few shades from the Dior Garden Pastels palette from last year along with Rouge Bunny Rouge Mysterious Tinamou eyeshadow and my Annabelle Smoothliner in Meteorite. I can't recall what I used for blush but it doesn't matter anyways because all you can see is my flushed cheeks! I may have already

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache ~ Photos, Swatches, and Review

I have had this mascara in my possession for a while now and I apologize for not reviewing it for you sooner. To be honest I was a little afraid of it. Behold the Rouge Bunny Rouge Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara in Oxblood Panache. As with all Rouge Bunny Rouge products I simply must share their whimsical product story with you: The dusky queen of unfathomable enigma appears in the blink of an eye, an auspicious aurora that appeals with an undeniable draw. Those held breathless in her beauteous gaze stand compelled as

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Discontinued Products and Shades from Rouge Bunny Rouge Announcement

There are several products being discontinued from Rouge Bunny Rouge. Rouge Bunny Rouge is phenomenal because they don't do limited edition releases. When new products are seasonally released they become part of the permanent line. Eventually, however, the line must be culled. The following is a list of products and shades being discontinued. They are available for a limited time (some at discounted prices) from the Rouge Bunny Rouge Online Boutique. Discontinued Joys & Desires Decadent Duos - All shades Succulence of Dew

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Makeup Wars ~ What This Beauty Blogger Packs for Vacation

So I'm not really going on vacation. Oh how I WISH I were going on vacation. Even just for a weekend. It is just not in the cards right now, nor will it be for quite a long time. Given that in years past my hubby and I have gone on a few tropical winter getaway vacations, including our wedding, I am not unfamiliar with how I pack for these things, so were are going to exercise a bit of imagination here. Now when I go on vacation, and I mean a week long proper vacation, I don't really concern myself with packing light when it

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Bright Eyes, Glowy Skin, Rosy Cheek Look

Here is the look from when I was testing several new products for review. I'm totally in love with how it turned out. For some reason I don't often wear really light/bright shades on the lid but I am now obsessed with the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr eyeshadow in Hourglass Beige. I only tightlined my upper waterline and didn't line my upper lash line so I would have more of my hooded lid space showing and emphasize the brightening and eye opening effect. I have yet to review several of these items aside from the Chanel. Stay

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Reader Request: Some Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow Comparisons

I am posting this for one of my lovely readers who was interested in knowing how Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird and Eclipse Eagle, as well as Whispering Ibis and Olive Violetear, compare and possibly coordinate together. I will do a complete updated post of all my Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadows soon. I still actually have reviews of 7 more shades I need to get up for you. Once that is done I will post another complete overview and swatches of my collection. In the meantime here are the shades swatched together as requested

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Gloss in Heather Royal Jelly ~ Photos, Swatches, and Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge has launched their new Swell Bliss XXX Lip Plump Lip Gloss which I believe is a replacement for their lip treatment that shared the same name. I have a the beautiful pink beige nude Heather Royal Jelly to share with you. SWELL BLISS XXX Lip Plump immediately volumises lips while enabling a long lasting beauty. The rich, shiny gloss encourages a slow and comfortably swell, defining while pluming and bequeathing lips with the ability to store water, so a fabulous fullness is maintained over time. One of the

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Snowy Egret and Eclipse Eagle Long-Lasting Eye Shadows ~ Photos, Swatches, Review

Any day now Rouge Bunny Rouge will be releasing two new shades of their Long-Lasting Eye Shadow. They will be available both in compacts and as refills for the Shadow Keepers. The firefly festival is eagerly awaited all year in the Enchanted Garden. For then on this very special day, the best voices of the bird-world feed on tiny fireworks to embellish their voices and then gather to perform a single concert together. Their jubilant musical notes are inscribed in a syrup of figs and milk and preserved in tiny pots to be

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation ~ Photos, Swatches, Review

I'm sorry I've been holding out on this review from you all for so long! It was the fact that I'm about to post a review of the new Time Defying Foundation that promoted me to finally get this review of the Milk Aquarelle foundation up for you. I've had it for ages, (the bottle is almost empty), and took the photos months and months ago and just never got back to completing the review. I must first of all share the beautiful Rouge Bunny Rouge story with you. On a rare, rare night, just as the Enchanted Garden prepares itself

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New from Rouge Bunny Rouge! Bora Chiara Look, Time Defying Foundation, and MegaPlumes Mascara

The expressive yet soft “Bora Chiara” winter wind, beautifully billowing in clear blue skies, inspired this refreshing, flawless make-up. Focussed eyes with a gentle iridescent shimmer, long curled lashes and perfectly groomed brows are paired with tinted lips and fresh, subtly sculptured cheeks for an expressive but not overdone feminine look. Discover the heart of “Bora Chiara”: Time Defying Foundation SKIN SANCTUARY that rejuvenates and protects, working for younger through to mature skins, Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Introduces Fragrances to Their Line with Vapours of Captured Memories

I am delighted to announce the introduction of three new fragrances from one of my absolute favourite brands, Rouge Bunny Rouge. Given the exceptional quality and mesmerizing beauty of the Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics line I can only imagine the exquisiteness of these scents. The packaging is certainly lovely! Vapours of Captured Memories Fragrant Confections Buried deep below the Enchanted Garden, accessible only through a winding maze of caves lies the Vault of Captured Memories. Behind a multitude of invulnerable

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Launches Their New Web Boutique

Great news Rouge Bunny Rouge fans! There is a new way to shop for your favourite Rouge Bunny Rouge products. Direct from Rouge Bunny Rouge themselves from their new Web Boutique! Just head on over to and see their amazing new site. They are offering everyone 20% off their products to commemorate the launch! Rouge Bunny Rouge is thrilled to announce the opening of the web boutique. We look forward to bestowing a warm welcome as you arrive through this elegant portal to the Enchanted Garden. Discover

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment All Shades ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

I first introduced you to the Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments with my review of Embrace of Cashmere and Caress of Mink. I was so impressed with the formula, shades, and packaging it was inevitable I'd end up with all the shades! I have been holding out on you long enough. Now that my little collection is complete I can share with you the full lineup of Fire Drops. Now first off I wan't to reiterate my assertion in my initial review that you need not run away at the words loose glitter in the product name.

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Santa Ana Video and Gift With Purchase Offer!

I shared the beautiful new Rouge Bunny Rouge Santa Ana Look, and details of how to recreate it, with you earlier in the week.  The video showing the creation of the look has now been released on Zuneta. I absolutely love when Zuneta releases these look videos. It is so nice to be able to see the magic being created and not just the final picture. Zuneta presents Rouge Bunny Rouge ¬ Get The Look ¬ Santa Ana from Zuneta Beauty on Vimeo.You can also receive the Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Sleeping Under The

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