What’s Inside my Spring 2013 Steven and Chris Edition Luxe Box?


I thought you might be interested in seeing what was in my Spring 2013 Luxe Box by Loose Button. This box was curated by the team from the Steven and Chris television show. I love that show!

IMG_0896 (1)

The packaging was lovely. Everything came in the same box and satin pouch as the Winter 2013 edition.


I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the samples I received. I will just say that for the price I paid of $25, (it’s $50 to receive two seasonal boxes which is what I subscribed for), I was expecting more. Maybe it is just the curse of being a jaded beauty blogger. Maybe in other circumstances I would have been more excited. The fact I had already tried 4 out of the 7 products just created a bit of a let down for me. Don’t get me wrong, they are great products, just not what I was hoping for. I am excited to see how the blending sponge compares to my Beauty Blender sponge! I also am intrigued by the No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.01.24 PM

You can find out more about Luxe Box on their website. For now I think I will just give up on subscription boxes. They are just not proving to be a good fit for me. I already went ahead and cancelled my Topbox and Glymm subscriptions a couple of months ago.

Winter 2012 Seasonal Luxe Box from LooseButton Review


I was so excited to see my Winter Luxe Box arrive yesterday. I had been so curious to see what the quite pricey, ($26 for 7-8 deluxe samples), new seasonal box would offer. Loose Button changed from being a monthly subscription to a once every 3 months, seasonal box. I was honestly not expecting a lot. I signed up, and prepaid, for two seasonal Luxe Boxes a few months ago. I did not sign up in time, however, to receive the Fall box. After signing up I saw a review of the Fall box shortly after and found it very disappointing. I knew I would not have been happy receiving that box so I contacted Loose Button to cancel my subscription. They replied saying ” I can definitely deactivate your membership for you but our deactivation policy does not include refunds for transactions that have already been processed.” In other words, I was stuck with the two seasonal boxes I had paid for.

One thing I can say is that the packaging is truly lovely. This is what started getting me excited about the box. I loved that there was a handy pull tab for opening the exterior cardboard packaging. Flip up the lid and there’s the heavy duty, beautiful white Luxe Box inside.


Inside the box the products are inside a mock satin pouch. A nice touch.




The items in my box were:

Blue Lagoon Algae Mask 10 ml sample packet. I guess I expected more from my 10 ml reserved Blue Lagoon mask. Maybe a little jar maybe? The packet just seems like such a letdown.

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Dust It Powder Full size.I have zero use or interest in this product. It is supposed to assist the natural movement of your hair and help add texture for a matte finish. Why the heck would I want my already dry, damaged hair to look matte?! Apparently it is good for teasing hair. It’s just not appropriate for my curly hair. Nice that it is full size though.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Hopeful. A soft baby pink. This is actually a nice shade. I was disappointed that it wasn’t a more fun, eye-catching shade but I could actually use something like this in my polish collection.

Kerastase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence. This is a treatment for dry ends and shine serum. This looks interesting to try. I’m not really sure how “deluxe” I find a 3ml sample to be though.

Dermalogica Precleanse 15 ml sample. I love cleansing oils so this will be nice to try but I can’t see straying from my favourite shu uemura Ultime8.

Donna Karen Woman Eau de Parfum 7ml deluxe sample. I nice scent and a nice deluxe sized mini bottle.

Loose Button False Lashes. These have a thick black band at the bottom and are very artificial looking. The hairs aren’t made to look remotely natural. I can’t see ever using these.

Loose Button Kabuki Brush. A nice quality kabuki brush.

Some of the enclosed samples were OK. There were 8 samples/full sized products enclosed which meets the 7-8 samples Loose Button promises. While receiving full sized items is nice I did not sign up for this box to receive Luxe Boxes own products. I signed up to receive deluxe sized samples from well known brands. Not Loose Buttons own stuff they are shilling. It was also really disappointing not receiving a single cosmetic sample in a beauty box. I feel at least one colour cosmetic is essential for a beauty box. Don’t you? I think I am just going to cancel all my monthly subscription boxes. I also received TopBox and Glymm the same day and they were equally disappointing. I give up.

What’s Inside my August 2011 LUXE BOX by Loose Button?

You may remember I wasn’t too wowed by my first (July 2011) LUXE BOX. Well my feelings have not changed with the arrival of the August 2011 instalment.

Click to enlarge to see contents:

While it’s nice they sent me the Pur Minerals in shade light to match my skin tone as specified in my profile, I had also NOT selected foundation when filling out what types of samples I would like to receive in my box. I love trying out new foundations but since most brands don’t carry a shade of foundation fair enough for me I figured there wasn’t much point receiving samples knowing chances are there would never be a match. I have yet to test out the Pur Minerals powder but judging by how it looks in the compact it does indeed appear to be too dark.

I thought the handmade earrings were a really nice touch but unfortunately I can only wear gold earrings or my ears go crazy itchy and inflamed.

A good hand and body lotion is always nice to have but also not terribly exciting. This seems like a lovely formula though so we’ll see.

I haven’t tried the lip plumper out so I can’t say how it works but I will update on that at a later date. I haven’t really tried any lip plumpers and it’s not something I would generally spend my money on so it may be a nice way to try one out. It is quite teeny though.

Another perfume sample was included this month. Thankfully it was a bit larger size.

So there you have it. The contents of my August LUXE BOX. A nice assortment but again nothing stand out to a jaded consumer like myself. A great way for someone getting into higher quality cosmetics to try out some new things though.