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Top Ten Tuesday – My Favourite Glittery Things

Now this is going to be a fun one! This week for Beauty Blogger Top Ten Tuesday we are featuring our 10 favourite glittery products. It is pretty hard to list only 10 so I think I will avoid specific shades and stick to wider product recommendations. Let's get our sparkle on! In no particular order: Lit Cosmetics Glitters - No one does glitter like Lit Cosmetics. They offer a staggering array of shades in a variety of glitter sizes. See it in action here and here. Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows - For a more

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My Makeup Wars Halloween Manicure aka Christa’s Hilarious Attempt at Nail Art

Well I hope clicking on my post won't be a huge disappointment for all you nail art fans but my contribution to the Makeup Wars Halloween Manicure Challenge is fairly sad. My nails happen to be in horrifying condition at the moment. I've been under some stress and have resorted to nail biting again. Given the teeny, tiny surface of my stubby nail beds I didn't have much of a canvas to work with so this is a cramped first attempt at some free hand nail art.I stopped into Shoppers Drug Mart because I didn't own a black nail polish.

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Deborah Lippmann Whatever Lola Wants ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

I receive Deborah Lippmann Whatever Lola Wants in my May Topbox. I was very excited to receive a Deborah Lippmann polish because I adore her Lacquers but Whatever Lola Wants is definitely not a shade I would have purchase on my own. It is a sheer pale pink frost with shimmer. I actually like it a little more than I expected but I don't tend to go for frosts or pale sheers. It was excellent quality and applied well like all my other Deborah Lippmann beauties.

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Deborah Lippmann It’s Raining Men – Swatches and Review

I've had Deborah Lippmann It's Raining Men since last summer. I had placed a very large order of Deborah Lippmann and I must admit I was so distracted by all the beautiful glitter that I'd neglected to try it out. This shade may not be all that winter appropriate since it is a red with a definite juicy quality but damn she's pretty! The swatches below are two coats. The polish has a bit of a jelly quality yet it was perfectly even and opaque in two coats. Gorgeous and oh so shiny.  

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Deborah Lippmann Collection Fall 2011 Brick House – Swatches & Review

Another winner from Deborah Lippmann. I am really impressed with these polishes. Brick house is the perfect deep copper. It applied perfectly in two coats. It has a shimmery, almost metallic finish but not over the top. It is described as a shimmering rust. I have always LOVED the shade rust. Even going back to high school I always loved it in my clothes, makeup, everything. I still remember the summer before grade 9 going shopping and buying all my back to school clothes (with my own hard earned money) and finding this fabulous

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Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe – Swatches and Review

I hope you're not tiring of my Deborah Lippmann posts because I just can't get enough of the Deborah Lippmann Collection polishes!Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe is a stunning deep blue jelly with blue glitter and blue and green hex glitter. The depth and dimension of this shade is beyond words. I received compliments from no less than 4 people while I was wearing this over the weekend. To give you an idea of wear, these photos were taken on day 3. This is 4 coats which is what is required for it to look it's best. I have

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Deborah Lippmann Collection Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Swatches and Review

Deborah Lippmann Girls Just Want to Have Fun is described as a carefree coral creme. It is a fun, summery shade that isn't loud or garish. I was actually quite shocked (and pleased) by the multiple personalities of this shade. A shift in light results in many different faces which I was not expecting from a creme formula. Depending on the lighting Girls Just Want to Have Fun can lean either to the orange or pink extreme of coral.This is two coats which resulted in a completely even application with a hint of sheerness. I purchased

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Deborah Lippmann Collection Superstar – Swatches and Review

Oh my goodness I am in LOVE with this polish!!!!! Deborah Lippmann Superstar is copper glitter in a rich, dark brown jelly base. It matches my hair for crying out loud! It applied so well. This is my first super glittery polish and I thought it might be tricky but it applied perfectly in two coats. I just slapped them on top of the Rehydrate base coat and topped off with the Addicted to Speed top coat bam, bam, bam one coat after another and was done in probably 7 mins. PERFECTION! As always you can click on the pics to

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Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air – Swatches and Review

My ridiculously large Deborah Lippmann haul finally arrived today!! After 3 weeks of anticipation I was so anxious to play! I have to say I'm VERY impressed so far. Glitter in the Air is a soft, milky blue with both regular and hex glitter in pink and blue. I know some people complained about Glitter in the Air not having enough glitter but it was the randomness of the sparse glitter and hex that I was so anxious to play with. I did a very rushed manicure and next time I definitely plan on looking at the brush to make sure I've

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