BECCA Cabrera Line & Define Pencil from Balearic Love Collection – Swatches, Pics, Review

I’m really pleased with the Line & Define Eye Pencil released with BECCA’s Balearic Love collection. A gorgeous shimmering bronze on one end and a deep violet on the other. It’s really one of the standout items from this collection.

A combination liner and brightener in one, this convenient dual-ended pencil has a soft, smooth texture that glides on easily to line, define and brighten the eyes, while blending easily. The dark side of BECCA’s Line & Define Pencil lavishly lines while the light side helps brighten and awaken tired eyes for a vibrant and youthful effect.

I love both the shades included in this dual ended pencil. They are both perfect. The violet shade is so deep that it give just a hint of violet to a look without looking overly purple. The shimmering bronze is such a pretty neutral shade to combine with the other products in this collection or for any number of looks. I can see I will be getting a lot of use out of this liner.

The formula of the Line & Define Pencil is very creamy and easy to blend. Actually that may be the only fault (if you could call it that) I could find with it. It is so incredibly creamy and blendable that you could blend it right away to nothing. It doesn’t tug and applies easily to the lid as well as to line your eyes.

I still have no idea why Blogger is uploading some of my images rotated? Anyone have any suggestions to resolve this. It’s making me crazy!
I purchased this from Zuneta who ships internationally.

BECCA Romanticism Eye Tint from Balearic Love Collection – Swatches, Pics, Review

I think the Romanticism Eye Tint from BECCA’s Balearic Love collection may have been the item I was most excited to try. I’ve always wanted to try BECCA’s Lip and Cheek Tints as well as the Eye Tints. When I read Mauve Bronze as the shade description it went immediately into my Zuneta cart!  

An ingenious eye crème with a unique formulation that glides on as a crème and sets to a powder. This long-lasting, water-resistant, crease-resistant tint is easy to apply, offering adjustable levels of sheer to high pigment colour.

Now being my first Eye Tint purchase I have nothing else to compare it to but Romanticism is indeed just a tint. The product description indicates that the pigment level is buildable from sheer to high pigment but I was unable to achieve more than a sheer finish. I tried three different times with and without a primer underneath. I think if I had watched the product demo video from Zuneta’s website prior to ordering I probably wouldn’t have gone ahead and ordered it. It is pretty evident from the video that it is sheer. I guess one should expect that with a product named tint but I was expecting more of a cream eyeshadow formula.

Zuneta presents BECCA ¬ Romantacism Eye Tint from Zuneta Beauty on Vimeo.

The shade is beautiful.  A shimmering bronze with a hint of mauve. In person (at least with mine) it doesn’t look as mauve as it does on the back of her hand in the video above. It looks pretty much strictly bronze. The swatch pics below show a heavy blob and a slightly blended out swipe of product. I wasn’t able to achieve the depth on my eyes as in the swatch below as it is still a fairly heavy swatch. The formula has a thin consistency. BECCA’s Eye Tint is indeed water resistant as I had a heck of a time washing off my arm swatch. 
BECCA Romanticism Eye Tint

Here is a photo of the product applied over a primer. I patted it on and layered it twice. I couldn’t seem to intensify the pigment through layering. I can see this being a nice water resistant primer under eye shadow.
BECCA Romanticism Eye Tint Appied
I purchased this from Zuneta who ships internationally.

BECCA Balearic Love Collection Eye Palette – Swatches, Pics, Review

BECCA Balearic Love Palette
The BECCA Balearic Love Palette from their Winter 2011 Balearic Love Collection contains 3 powder eye shadows designed to give you the perfect smoky eye. The description from the BECCA Australia site is as follows:

Create richly shaded, sensuous eyes in jewelled tones of bronzed plum and violet with this limited edition eye palette.
A combination of velvet matte and soft shimmer textures, shades Atlas, Romal and Marcella blend effortlessly for an on-trend festive look.

When I read that description I knew I needed to have this palette. Bronzed plum and violet?! Umm YES PLEASE. Here is the promo picture for the palette:
BECCA Balearic Love Palette Stock Photo from BECCA Australia
Now I think you can already see where my issue lies. The palette is not at all what I was expecting. That shade on the far right. You can see the the plum tones in the promo pic above. My pictures. Not there. Not there at all. I see nothing indicative of the jewel tones implied in their product description. The far right shade (Marcella) in my palette is a bronze shade with mostly copper shimmer and subtle plum tones. It is a gorgeous shade but not as overtly plum as I was expecting. Marcella is somewhat sheer so it definitely works best layered over the darker shade Romal. The other two shades also appear much more cool toned in the promo pic. The first shade (Atlas) appears in the promo pic to be a light almost pink taupe. Atlas in actuality is a warm, matte tan shade. It is similar to Naked in the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is a nice crease shade for me. Too dark and warm to serve as a highlight shade on my fair, cool skin. Overall a really lovely palette but not in line with the promotional material in my eyes.
BECCA Balearic Love Palette
This is a very well put together palette. The shades work wonderfully to create a smoky eye that can be intensified depending on your application. I do find however that to get the more plum/violet nuances to the smoky eye look the Cabrera eye liner that was released with this collection is essential. I will show you some looks I created with all the items together as soon as I’ve completed my reviews.

BECCA Balearic Love Palette
Now one weird thing about my palette, both the back of the compact and the box, all three shades are labelled as Demi Matt. This is my first experience with BECCA eye shadows so I’m not sure what their demi matt formula is usually like but the first two shades in this palette are absolutely matte. They are a wonderful formula though that blends very nicely. The third shade is not matte. It is definitely a subtle shimmer shade although the base seems to be somewhat matte.

Here is a quick eye look I did last night using all my new BECCA Balearic Love items. Sorry these were taken in poor lighting with flash but it’ll give you an idea of how nicely these shades apply together. You can see the plum tones near the lash line achieved mostly through the use of the eye liner. I found Atlas too warm in my crease. I have done another look today that I will feature in the full FOTD post where I omitted Atlas. I find using a cooler shade to blend out the crease works best with my colouring.
It appears that this collection may not be released in North America. Fret not though because I picked the items up online at Zuneta who ships internationally.