Quick, Light, and Simple Face of the Day

Just a quick face of the day post with Hourglass Immaculate Foundation in Vanilla, NARS Vent Glace Eyeshadow Duo, Anastasia Covet Waterproof Eyeliner in Astral, COVERGIRL Clean Glow Blusher in Roses, and Too Faced La Creme Lip Cream Lipstick in Honey Bear. I was going for something quick, light, and simple and I love how it turned out. It has been way too long since I’ve had out NARS Vent Glace and the COVERGIRL Clean Glow Blusher has become a go to contouring blush.


Makeup Wars ~ My Favourite Waterproof Makeup

I love waterproof makeup. Not that I make a habit out of trying to concoct makeup looks that will withstand a day in the pool, but the use of a few waterproof items on a daily basis is the perfect way to ensure fade proof, long lasting looks. Something that is especially important as the hot, sweaty days of summer have already begun the appear. Mind you as I am typing this as it is snowing and blowing outside my window. Excuse me May? Sheesh!

Some of my all time favourite waterproof makeup products are:


Anastasia Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Top Coat - Turn any mascara into a waterproof mascara! It can be hard to find a waterproof mascara formula we love but thanks to Lash Genius an everyday favourite can be transformed into a waterproof version. It also works great to set brows or mix with a powdered shadow for a budgeproof liner. Check out my Lash Genius Review.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams – Create a budge proof look out of these cream shadows that come in gorgeous shades and offer wonderful blendability. Use everyday as a base under powder shadows to ensure your look won’t fade. I have reviewed several of the shades here and here. There are some incredible looking new shades out for summer that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

Actually all of the Make Up For Ever Aqua line is wonderful. The Aqua Rouge Liquid lipsticks, Aqua Lip lip liners, Aqua Liner liquid liners, and Aqua Eye eye pencils are products I turn to on a regular basis.

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation - Beautiful, natural finish, light to medium coverage foundation that is waterproof. Perfect for hot summer days when you don’t want your foundation melting off your face!

Shop the look:

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Makeup Wars ~ What This Beauty Blogger Packs for Vacation

Beauty Blogger Packing

So I’m not really going on vacation. Oh how I WISH I were going on vacation. Even just for a weekend. It is just not in the cards right now, nor will it be for quite a long time. Given that in years past my hubby and I have gone on a few tropical winter getaway vacations, including our wedding, I am not unfamiliar with how I pack for these things, so were are going to exercise a bit of imagination here.

Now when I go on vacation, and I mean a week long proper vacation, I don’t really concern myself with packing light when it comes to my beauty essentials. If I am on vacation it means I am going “out” far more often than in my usual life of drudgery. What better time to make the most out of all the beautiful makeup I own? So when I am packing for vacation I use these basic “rules”.

  • Pack my favourites (of the moment).
  • Make sure those favourites will create a variety of looks without a tonne of products
  • I (try t0) make sure those favourites aren’t limited edition.

What this means is I pack my favourites regardless of whether they are pricey or not. On my last vacation to Mexico I packed primarily Chanel. I will tell you that I did break the limited edition rule because I remember packing my Chanel Tentation Cuivree Quad because it was a favourite smoky eye look at the time. (I just had a massive meltdown realizing I sold this in a blog sale. What the heck was I thinking *sigh*). Since I like to bring my “good stuff” on vacation I do pack it in my carry on. maybe this isn’t the best use of space but really, makeup doesn’t take up a tonne of room right?

So lets say I won a vacation and had to pack up to leave tomorrow. Here are what my choices would be. These items would be packed in a makeup bag I purchased at Winners many years ago. We are taking possibly a decade. I used to use it to actually store my makeup collection before it got way out of hand. Hard to imagine most of my stuff fit in there at one point! Ridiculous really. How do people live like that? LOL It is from a brand called Murval. I never even really looked at the brand name on it before creating this post but it looks like they bags, apparel, and home products. I absolutely adore this bag because it is so compartmentalized and keeps all my things well organized, visible, and easy to find. There are multiple removable, and fixed, mesh zippered pouches. There is also a section for makeup brushes but I prefer to keep them protected in one of the zippered pouches.

Most of these products have been linked to their original reviews, (which took me forever!) so I encourage you to click on them to see why I find them travel worthy companions!




IMG_7815 (1)

The first zippered pouch holds some compacts to offer a variety of eye looks and colourful cheeks:




The second removable zippered pouch holds an assortment of brushes (mostly MAC, Real Techniques and bdellium). I should have took a picture of them all out to show you as most are hiding.  It also holds any eye and brow pencils.


The center zippered pouch holds:

IMG_7828 (1) IMG_7850

The final large zippered pouch contains most of my face and skincare items:


I weighed my packed makeup bag and it weighs 4 pounds. Quite a hefty portion of my carry on luggage but that is a sacrifice, as a beauty lover, I have no trouble making. There is actually still room in my fabulous travel makeup bag so I can guarantee you that there would be some last minute additions before I left. The one item I would likely add is the Yves Saint Laurent Y Facettes Eye Palette from Spring 2013. It breaks my LE rule but it is so colourful and perfect for a tropical vacation. I also would likely throw in some nice skincare samples. I also forgot fragrance so some of my decants and samples would be added as well. It may seem like I packed an excessive amount of lip products and I should probably cut back given I packed more things than days I will be on vacation…but I would probably throw a few more in my handbag including my Lancome Baume in Love in Urban Ballet.

Well I hope you enjoyed my emotionally scarring experience of packing for an imaginary winter getaway and having to take photos of said imaginary packing outside in -20°C/-4°F weather. I’m off to go warm up with a hot coffee and Bailey’s and try to forget about my longing for a beach.

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