L’Oreal Paris Silkissime Eyeliner in Black is My New Favourite | Photos, Swatches, Review

Meet my new favourite black eyeliner. L’Oreal Paris Silkissime Eyeliner in Black ($11.99 CAD/$8.99 US). This is one of the blackest, most pigmented, most long lasting, aaaannnnd budge proof eyeliners I have ever tried.


How sexy is this promo shot? Yes eyeliner and ribbon can look sexy. Shut it!

Infallible SILKISSIME_packshot

This is a VERY soft formula. This actually makes it pretty tricky to apply a fine line to your upper lash line so I apply it with a brush if I want a precise wing or line. (I just dip swipe my liner brush on the tip of the eyeliner). Tightlining the upper lash line is a breeze as the pigment is so intense and the soft formula works it’s way in between your lashes.


This formula reminds me of the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Acqua Collection Waterproof Liner. It was the most incredible eyeliner I had ever tried but the soft formula meant I was burning through it at an alarming rate. With the Armani price tag I couldn’t handle it. This L’Oreal Silkissime Eyeliner is just as incredible as the Armani version at a third the price. With the more affordable price this is a liner I will not be without!

Behold the uber blackness of L’Oreal Silkissime! That is one single swipe people!


The L’Oreal Paris Silkissime Eyeliners are hitting stores this month in Canada. I was delighted to notice while compiling this review that it also comes in Plum and Petal. I had better get my hands on those shades STAT!

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  • Annick
    January 17, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    Holay eff, that’s a black liner if I’ve ever seen one! I must give this liner a go!

  • Margo @ PrettyPandaMakeup
    January 17, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    whoah. I passed this by because I wasn’t super intrigued but now I must have it. This is seriously the blackest eyeliner I have ever seen.

  • marciaf
    January 17, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    I went through my Armani quickly and since Armani is a L’Oreal company that means this is going to be very similar! Good news.

  • Rebecca H
    January 17, 2014 at 10:54 PM

    It sure does look incredible!

  • Miranda Mendoza
    January 17, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    Woooooooooooow. That is insane. That is one of the blackest pencil swatches I’ve seen from a drugstore brand. I also do that liner brush swipe technique with my Jordana Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils. This would be GREAT for smokey eyes. Gonna add it to my wish list!

    • Christa Potter
      January 20, 2014 at 8:37 AM

      It truly is the blackest black liner I’ve seen!

  • Harshleen
    January 19, 2014 at 4:16 PM

    It sure looks great! Does it last well on the waterline?

    • Christa Potter
      January 20, 2014 at 8:38 AM

      Yes it last’s very well on the waterline. I love too that when I tight line my upper waterline it doesn’t migrate to my lower one.

  • Etta
    January 20, 2014 at 1:55 AM

    Amazing!! That is a very rich black!

  • erikatheicyone
    January 20, 2014 at 12:45 PM

    Must get my paws on this. STAT.

  • MyNewestAddiction
    January 20, 2014 at 9:34 PM

    HOLY PITCH BLACKNESS! That is perfection! Are they only in Canada?

  • Jenelle247
    February 5, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    Omygosh!!! I need this… Creamy liners tend to melt hope this helps


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