The Rebirth of Fumblings of a Fledgling Fumehead


I just realized it has been well over a year and a half since I have posted anything about my foray into the incredible world of fragrance. I started a series called Fumblings of a Fledgling Fumehead back at the end of 2011 when I was beginning my exploration into the world of perfume with my post on finding sources of fragrance samples and discovery sets. I was completely infatuated AND completely uneducated! I wanted to share my experiences with everyone as a way to hopefully inspire others to explore, as well as a way to document my adventures. I fell off the rails, so to speak, when I came down with a cold that winter that basically didn’t let up for 7 months. I pretty much gave up on smelling anything and my sampling came to a halt. Well with my change of career paths came the elimination of some stress in my life and the return to health. I have been well for a long time now and I think it is time to get this adventure started again. Who’s with me? Time to break these bad boys back out!



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