New Eyelash Curler from shu uemura! The S Curler!


Everyone know that the most iconic eyelash curler of all time is the she uemura eyelash curler. It is a cult classic and industry favourite. Well shu uemura has released a new eyelash curler, the S Curler, and it looks soooo cool!

s_curler_packshot It has no side bars to ensure it will fit all eye shapes and an internal blade system to prevent any pinching.

The name S Curler name comes from the 8 s words that describe this great new product:

  1. small
  2. spot
  3. special
  4. safe
  5. simple
  6. side-bar free
  7. sophisiticated
  8. and of course she uemura!

I can’t wait to try this baby out and update you with details once samples become available. If you can’t wait for my verdict it is available now at and they have free shipping with ANY purchase right now with the code FSHIPPING.

  • Phyrra

    This is awesome! It’s like my UD lash curler, only smaller!