The Lilly Brush ~ A Guest Review by Adriana


Lilly Brush is known to save sweaters, but I recently used it to save my favorite pillowcase! This pillowcase is very special to me because it is completely handmade and embroidered. While studying indigenous cultures in Mexico, a good friend of mine decided to help out the people in the village she was working with by bringing their handmade goods to the States to sell – every cent made was then given back to the community from which the items came.

The one item that caught my eye was this pillowcase. From what I was told, the people who made it used wool from their sheep to make fabric that they hand dye. They then take the fabric and turn it into beautiful pieces of art like my pillowcase, and other things like warm, cozy blankets.  How neat is that?

I was so happy with my beautiful new pillowcase that I took it home, found a pillow for it and placed it lovingly on my bed. What I didn’t expect was that my cat, Lily B., would love it as much as I do! At first I didn’t mind her lounging on it, but when I realized that it was covered in black hair I wasn’t very excited.


I was afraid to use any type of brush or sticky paper to remove all of the Lily B. hairs because I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful embroidery or snag the pillowcase in any way. My beautiful pillowcase eventually became a magnet not only for cat hair but also pills and lint – I was almost embarrassed to have it on my bed.

When I learned about Lilly Brush I couldn’t wait to try it out, and as you can see from the pictures the transformation is like night and day! It effectively picked up all of the kitty hair and every pill and piece of stubborn lint. The beautifully woven fabric was not damaged in any way, and I was even able to go over the black embroidery without any snags or pulling.


Thanks to Lilly Brush I am no longer embarrassed to display my pillow on my bed, and it is just as beautiful now as it was the day I purchased it.

270436_10150332058978969_5414812_n Adriana is a Los Angeles based esthetician, esthetics instructor and overall skincare junkie. On any given day you will find her researching the latest skincare ingredients, technologies, and trends – as well as spending way too much time perfecting people’s eyebrows. Adriana has a background in Beauty Marketing/PR, and is happiest when she is busy and interacting with others.


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  • Icequeen81

    strawberry shortcake the old one . woooooo that bring so much memories when I was s a child. I am 32 now remember that time

  • Sunny

    OOOO now I want this! The story is so lovely and being the mama of TWO cats I know the problem way too well. Lily B is ADORABLE ;)
    Sunny recently posted..Dior Dior Vernis Tutu & Dior Top Coat RevisitedMy Profile

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