New from Rouge Bunny Rouge! Bora Chiara Look, Time Defying Foundation, and MegaPlumes Mascara


The expressive yet soft “Bora Chiara” winter wind, beautifully billowing in clear blue skies, inspired this refreshing, flawless make-up. Focussed eyes with a gentle iridescent shimmer, long curled lashes and perfectly groomed brows are paired with tinted lips and fresh, subtly sculptured cheeks for an expressive but not overdone feminine look.


Discover the heart of “Bora Chiara”: Time Defying Foundation SKIN SANCTUARY that rejuvenates and protects, working for younger through to mature skins, Dramatic Lash Mascara MEGAPLUMES that strengthens and restructurers while bestowing effortless glamour and XXX Lip Plump SWELL BLISS that brings immediate volume and is also anti-ageing. When you create this look you’ll not only achieve a modern beauty but encourage a healthy, glowing complexion. For full step by step instructions on how to recreate this look check out the Bora Chiara Makeup Guide on Rouge Bunny Rouge’s website.


Discover your own time defying potion with RBR’s youth protecting foundation. A medium to high coverage evens skin tone, diminishing the natural signs of aging that appear with mature skin, while giving the gift of preventative and protective virtues to younger complexions. With a creamy yet feather-light texture, a comforting veil is cast over redness and imperfections with an incredible, velvet-soft touch.

The protective qualities of Detoxyl, a natural complex derived from Shea Butter, detoxifies and calms, offering skin sanctuary from ravaging free radicals and urban pollutants. Rejuvenating, skin-identical, lipid actives Ceramide III & IV work to erase fine lines, deeply moisturise and monitor the skin’s dehydration process as extracts of Karitè Butter Seed nourish and soften. With a new, fresh and compelling complexion, all who pass you by will demand to know the secret of your natural, youthful looks.

On sunlit days in the Enchanted Garden a White Witch enters the meadows of towering spires, gathering armfuls of husky spikes, the key ingredient for a beauty-enhancing lotion. Whether fields of wheat, barley, quinoa or linen, in genial kinship, nature grants her safe passage through the ever-undulating, golden spears. In her den grains are crushed within mortar to a delightfully peaking paste then added to an ever-growing collection of creamy preparations, known to many beauties as the ultimate second-skin rejuvenating potions. Each crop offers a different tinted-transformation but always refreshes natural beauty with vigour and vim, bringing a youthful protection and vibrant look to beautifully bewitched skin.

Influenced by the magnificent megaplumes, Dramatic Lash Mascara achieves the same impressive effect of false lash extensions, delivering full, thick, long and perfectly curled lashes to all who covet a mesmerising gaze. Graduating curves of strong, hollow fibres spiraling around the classic maxi-brush, gently and evenly sweep colour over every single lash without clumping. Even more difficult to reach, short lashes can be given perfect volume and curl. With colours borrowed from a submerged cosmos, adorn lashes with the abyssal hues of ox-blood or carbon black.

Embrace effortless glamour as lashes are coated with a film that’s strong yet supple. The addition of a natural jellifying system gives superior flexibility and the brilliant filmogen complex brings a lasting shine. Panthenol strengthens and restructures, while its non-stop moisturising action nourishes and prevents breakage. Fabulous lashes that are water resistant, smudge-proof, fade-proof and transfer-proof, last throughout the day. For a stunning, impeccable and sophisticated look, suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes, Megaplumes mascara ensures you assert a darkly beautiful persuasion.

The dusky queen of unfathomable enigma appears in the blink of an eye, an auspicious aurora that appeals with an undeniable draw. Those held breathless in her beauteous gaze stand compelled as shimmering spectre diffuses like a pall of low-hung vapour in the skies. Only the Enchanted Garden understands its shiny, inky inhabitant, emerging from plummetless pools in an unperceived aqueous carriage. This underwater vortex born from subterranean disgruntlement and burgeoning tempest, sends pitchy clouds soaring towards an unreachable surface in an explosion of rising plumes deep within indigo seas. A majestic display of giant twisters spinning like slow but gargantuan tornadoes, thrusts curious creatures through water to land where they’re seen in the briefest of glimpses. The still and silent exterior belies the drama beneath, leaving all who thought they saw a pulse and flutter, filled with a growing sense of wonder.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available at, Zuneta, and Beauty Habit.

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  • Kate
    December 11, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    I’m sure these are lovely products, but that model shot is doing nothing to sell them. Way too much photoshop: it looks like she has glass eyes inserted where human ones should be and like the bottom half of her face got squished in a sandwich press. I just tried Milk Aquarelle for the first time, now I’m wondering how this will compare.
    Kate recently kali and mr. dna @ the caustic lounge 05.12.12My Profile

    • Christa
      December 12, 2012 at 7:19 AM

      I’m sure a look video will come out on Zuneta for this! We’ll have to see how much different she looks in the video from the final edited shot. 😉 She looks good to me. I’d trade her faces! LOL


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