Topless & Barefoot from Essie at New York Fashion Week

OK is it weird I don’t own a single nude polish? I’m loving the look of Topless & Barefoot from Essie.
  • Megan PRIMP

    Samoan Sand by O.P.I. is a great one too :)

  • JoanneP @ The Convenient Beauty

    I love this one too! Glad it’s receiving attention.

  • makeup magpie

    It is one of my favorites! I like nudes that are a few shades lighter than my skintone :)

  • PyxiWulf

    When I pulled down my polishes to do my fashion week inspired mani, I was shocked I only owned one nude creme and then one nude shimmer. My entire brown section is only 5 polishes! :( but this has me thinking adding Matte About You to my blue/nude FW water marble.