My Favourite Fall Polish ~ Makeup Wars ~ Zoya Yasmeen and Nfu Oh 51

At first I thought deciding on a favourite polish for fall would be difficult. Then I realized that the obvious choice was my first “favourite” nail polish which also happened to be my first Zoya. Zoya Yasmeen. I went to search for my original review of Yasmeen to link here and realized I have not yet reviewed it. Amazing how I seem to always neglect my go to products since there are always so many new releases to post about. I am on a mission now to go through my collection and make sure I have reviewed all of my most loved products that are still available. 
Anyways back to Zoya Yasmeen. This is how Zoya describes the shade:

Dark blue-toned purple base with very strong red-toned medium purple shimmer and hints of gold duochrome. The ultimate complex purple for maximum drama.

In my opinion it is one the most beautiful purples out there. Beyond that is also a dream to apply and a perfect formula. I highly, highly recommend it.
A couple of months ago I purchased some Nfu Oh polishes from I had a sudden hankering to try some flakies. I am so happy I did because not only am I now in love with flakie polishes but I am also in love with the perfection that is the Nfu Oh formula. You wouldn’t even want to apply more than one coat of this. One coat is all you need to achieve full effect over another polish. If you want to play with applying it alone you can then layer two or three coats for more opacity. 
When I saw Nfu Oh 51 I immediately thought what a perfect match it would be for my beloved Zoya Yasmeen and boy was I right! Nfu Oh 51 has a base that seems to shift from blue purple to burgundy. Combine that with the amazing duochrome flakies that shift from red to orange and sometimes even green and you have one of the most amazing flakies available. Combine it with Zoya Yasmeen and it  creates one of the most glorious shades that depending on the light takes on different tones of purple and burgundy. The flakies in Nfu Oh 51and the glowing red shimmer already contained in Zoya Yasmeen makes it seem as if it is glowing with fire from within.
On to the photos. I apologize this is so pic heavy but this combination is so stunning I had a difficult time narrowing my photo selection down!

More burgundy in lower light:

Please check out the rest of the Makeup Wars Team’s favourite fall polishes! You can click on the images below to browse or use the Previous and Next buttons at the top of this post. Hope you enjoyed this latest instalment of Makeup Wars! If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see us feature in the future I would love to hear your requests.

Now I need to know…what is your favourite fall nail polish?

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