Anastasia Kisses on My List Volume 2 Hydrafull Gloss Set ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

Hope your ready to be bombarded with lips! Anastasia has another amazing holiday gift offering this year with the return of the Kisses on My List Hydrafull Gloss Set Volume 2.
Volume 2 of the Kisses on My List Hydrafull Gloss Set includes a mix of creams and shimmers as well as the introduction of Anastasia’s new Hypercolor glosses. These glosses react with your skin chemistry to stain your lips a custom shade. I have used other products with this technology in the past and they tend to go quite bold pink with my chemistry. Three of the shades included in this set or Hypercolor shades with a shimmer finish. They are Lola, Jolene, and Roxanne. The other three shades are Moi and Maggie May which are creams, and Sharona which is a shimmer. All of the shades have nice pigmentation. They are not a sheer, invisible gloss. They are still glosses of course and transparent but they give a nice amount of colour to the lips. They have a slight stickiness that gives them a little more lasting power and they feel very moisturizing and cushy on the lips. I never experience parched lips wearing Anastasia Hydrafull Glosses.

Moi, Maggie May, Sharona, Lola, Jolene, Roxanne

The Hydrafull Lip Glosses come with a silicone paddle applicator. I must admit I’m not really a fan of the applicator. I find it a bit difficult to apply evenly and I certainly wouldn’t attempt it without a mirror. Maybe I’m just using it the best way. If you have tips I’d love you to share! Now on to the lip swatches. Lots and lots of lips, lips, lips…
Moi – A peachy brown nude.


Maggie May – Soft pink beige nude.

Maggie May

Sharona – Peachy pink shimmer.


Lola – Cool pink shimmer Hypercolor.


Lola after 5 mins

Jolene – Warm pink shimmer Hypercolor.


Jolene after 5 mins
Roxanne – Rose with gold shimmer Hypercolor.



You can see that there is a really nice variety of shades included in this collection and I’m sure everyone can find several shades to fall in love with, if not them all. My absolute favourite is Roxanne. It has the most beautiful fine gold shimmer in a rose base. A stunning rose gold. I really wish this one wasn’t a Hypercolor shade because they go quite fuchsia on me and the gorgeous effect of the shade is a bit lost over the bolder colour.
The Kisses on My List gloss set features six high-shine glosses in matte and shimmer shades that wear all-day.  With three softly sheer, opalescent glosses, and three new Hypercolor Glosses that actually stain your lips…don’t be standing too close to the mistletoe if you don’t want to be kissed!  Each gloss is named after famous 70’s muses you won’t soon forget.  Lola, Maggie May, Sharona, Roxanne, Jolene, and Moi are sure to inspire your loved one to write a song about you! The Kisses on My List gloss set retails for $30 US/$39 CAD ($108 US value) and is available at Sephora and At only $5 US/$6.50 CAD per gloss this is a hard deal to pass up!

Products provided by the companie’s PR for my consideration. All reviews are my own honest and unbiased opinion. Post contains an affiliate link. Shopping through this link means Perilously Pale earns a small commission on your purchase which helps support this site.


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  • autumntrinity
    September 26, 2012 at 11:53 PM

    Thanks for the review! I purchased the set from last year’s holiday release and wasn’t thoroughly impressed, and was going to pass on this set! After seeing the swatches and looks on the lips, its a definite purchase for me! Thank you! 🙂

  • Dlori
    October 9, 2012 at 11:54 PM

    I MUST get this gloss set before they run out. They look juicy!

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com


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