A $250,000 Nail Polish? It’s True! Azature Launches Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

AZATURE Redefines Luxury by Launching a Black Diamond Nail Polish
Most Expensive Nail Polish in the World

July 2012, New York City – To the one-percenters, listen up because AZATURE is shaking up the fine-jewelry world with the launch of AZATURE Nail Polish. Toted as the most expensive nail polish in the world, AZATURE Nail Polish is the latest offering from the black diamond king.  This celebrity and royalty designer is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “dripping in diamonds” by introducing this ultra-luxe product to the beauty market.
Retailing for $250,000, the exclusive AZATURE Nail Polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds, assuring that the woman who wears it really is the chicest of them all.  Limited to just one bottle, it also makes it a one-of-a-kind, limited edition item from the world of AZATURE.
For those that can’t afford the $250,000 price tag, Azature created polish that will contain a real black diamond and retail for $25.  Packaged in a .5 oz / 15 mL diamond shaped bottle, the nail polish is offered in AZATURE signature black and coats on with a glittery sheen that resembles the sparkle of an AZATURE diamond. 
“The black diamond is the ultimate fine jewel. Its combination of beauty, mystery, and sophistication makes it a timeless luxury. One day I thought, ‘why not showcase this style on nails?’ So I developed a Black Diamond Nail Polish with the same attention and quality as my jewelry, in order to preserve the elegance of the black diamond. I am thrilled to offer this new twist on fine-jewelry!”
The lower-priced nail polish will be available to consumers at Fred Segal beginning August 2012.

Now the $25 version is something I might indeed look into! $25 for a nail lacquer is something Chanel has me swallow all the time. 😉
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09987596282543547267 Emily Rehse

    I will be bringing out my inner Carrie Bradshaw with the little bottle from Segal’s!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01535178381088607317 Beauty Box

    Goodness! I suppose they’re not expecting to sell many of those…Indeed, makes Chanel nail polishes way easier to pay for now – lol!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Oh. My. Gawd. Really?! Gah! 😛

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