Le Metier de Beaute Pallid Incandescents Kaleidoscope Eye Kit by DustinLujan for Bergdorf Goodman ~ Coming Soon

If you have followed Le Metier de Beaute for any length of time then you know about the masterful creations by their genius artist Dustin Lujan. One of my all time favourite Kaleidoscopes is Dustin’s Smoldering Embarkment. This season Dustin brings us Pallid Incandescents.

Pallid Incandescents

A collection of fun summer hues inspired by the complexity of light. Noting soft resplendent hues of natural lighting such as crepuscular rays to something as whimsical as a sunset. Then moving into the night with vivid electric shock of neon bulbs and glowing street lights. This is truly a look for pastel days and neon nights. Whether it be out and about as a gleaming goddess or out at night as an ethereal vixen. The hues and tones are perfect to bring light into the eyes as the pastel hues intermix and light up the entire face. Set your summer aglow and come into the light with Pallid Incandescents Eye Kaleidoscope.
The shades are:
  • Flush
  • Lambent
  • Refulgent
  • Ultraviolet
Use of Pallid Incandescents
This Kaleidoscope can be used with our classic use of couches de couleur to give a soft lavender hue or used reverse to give a bit more vidid look. But I really want to encourage color placement and give four great shades that can be used together or alone. For day use with refresh or revive eye base and noir liquid liner or vamp it up for night with noir dualistic eye pencil base with aqua or bleu liquid liner. For day face use blush kaleidoscope with palm springs lipstick and carmel cream lip cream. For night use fresh blush and vamp up the lip with Uma Paro lip stick and top it off with Hibiskiss lip gloss. Model is wearing night look.

Available the first week of July exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman. Retail $95. Call Dustin at 212-872-8612.

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  • http://www.beautyinfozone.com MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)

    I need a sugar daddy quickly!!!!!

  • http://laciloowho.tumblr.com Laci

    I’m breaking my non-gift card no buy to get this. So pretty. I called to pre-order as soon as I saw Xiao’s swatches.

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01537581644373625979 Perilously Pale

      Agh! I missed her swatches! I hope they figure out this Blogroll virus so I can put mine back up. I’m lost without it!

  • gogome

    WOW Thank you I’m in. Love this lemming!

  • sheilagnomes

    WOW so interesting compared to the last ones. I might have to make a call.

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