RoC Complete Lift Volume Restorer Day Cream Review

New! Roc® Complete Lift Volume Restorer™The Latest Addition To The Trusted Roc® Complete Lift Line Clinically Proven Anti-Aging Skincare Line Infused With Skin-Firming And Lifting Technology

With age, cell renewal slows, skin’s collagen and elastin structure becomes less effective, and skin’s hydration is reduced, resulting in sagging skin, loss of firmness and dryness. As the brand’s first re-sculpting moisturizer, NEW! RoC® COMPLETE LIFT VOLUME RESTORER™ remodels the skin contours of the face by naturally recreating volume, to visibly rejuvenate its appearance.
 For the first time in a cream, RoC® researchers have developed a powerful combination of ingredients that are known to progressively help restore the four essential elements of skin volume – fibronectin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.
 COMPLETE LIFT VOLUME RESTORER™ moisturizers visibly redefine facial skin so that cheeks appear replumped and shaped, fine lines and wrinkles smoothed, face contours redrawn, and neck visibly firmer. Clinically-proven results show skin firming and lifting improvements in the appearance of facial contours with daily use in just eight weeks.

This day cream has such a lovely, rich formula that I was using it as a night cream as well. I was able to do this because it does not contain sunscreen. I found it a bit odd that a cream designated as a day formula didn’t have sunscreen but at least I was able to get more usage out of it because of it. I simply wore a sunscreen underneath or some days, when I didn’t expect to have sun exposure, I just mixed it with my sun protection. The texture of this cream is really nice. It is thick, rich and moisturizing yet it wasn’t at all greasy or tacky. It left my skin nice and silky looking and worked nicely under makeup.
The product does admit to doing most of it’s restoring and plumping through hydration and I did find this cream to be a refreshing source of moisture for my winter parched skin.  I have been using it for several weeks and I’m quite pleased with the effect it has had on my skin.  It does have fragrance, which I don’t personally care for in my skincare, but it is quite light and was not troublesome for me in anyway.
Retail $49 for 50ml.         

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  • beachgal
    March 30, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    I am all for anything that works to lift – that’s what I need right now. I have been using a Peter Thomas Roth product called Growth Firm X I think it is – black air tight pump container and $$$$$. But over time (into 2nd bottle) it really was working super well. It won a Good Housekeeping award for best lifting product and those are really hard to get I hear. But I will get this new Roc product as I don’t think I can afford to keep using the 2 PTR 2X a day products I am hooked on right now – and would like to get hooked on his new neck cream – it’s totally fab – but way over priced for only 1.7 oz and it’s thick so you try to spread it out, but your tendency is to take more and not spend as much time rubbing it in.

  • PerilouslyPale
    March 30, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    Hey Beachgal. That’s great you are getting results from the PTR! I have a hard time getting recognizable results with anything. You should compare the actives maybe with the PTR. As I mentioned in my review ROC only claims to restore volume and plump with hydration. If there is an active in the PTR that is truly working for you then you may notice a difference switching. The ROC is a wonderful moisturizer though so it’s worth checking out.


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