Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 29 Ballet Russe – Swatches, Pics, Review

If I had have been thinking I would have reviewed Chanel’s Ballet Russe Rouge Coco in the fall when everyone is looking to darker, vampier shades. Instead here I am posting about it when everyone has their eyes on the bright new releases for spring. But, since there is still snow outside my window, this is the time a year where as much as I wish I was frolicking in the sun wearing the fun shades of spring, I am still bundled up in my winter coat sporting the deeper shades of the season.
Ballet Russe is a deep wine shade that is not quite as dark as some vampy shades can be so it works well with my fair skin. If you are fair as well you will know that lipstick shades can often me amplified by our light skin as contrast. Ballet Russe achieves the vampy look without being too intense. I really love how this shade works on deeper skin tones such as Christine of Temptalia.
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 29 Ballet Russe
Ballet Russe is a glossier finish than most Rouge Cocos. I love the Rouge Coco formula for it’s opacity and lack of slip but Ballet Russe has a bit more creaminess than the typical Rouge Coco.
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 29 Ballet Russe
Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 29 Ballet Russe
I also like to wear Ballet Russe blotted as shown below. I often blot it even further, or only apply a touch of it, under gloss for a lovely effect as I did in this Le Metier de Beaute Silk Road Kaleidoscope look.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick 29 Ballet Russe Blotted
I don’t break this shade out often enough as I forget how versatile it can be. If you have been considering trying a shade like this but don’t know where to start Ballet Russe is a great option.


  • Melinda

    A beautiful colour – very classy (although when is Chanel NOT classy?).


  • Kate MacDonald

    This is one of my all-time favourite lipsticks. I love how it’s vampy, but not so much that it looks tacky on someone who’s over 20.

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Great colour! I love it. It’s not too dark, but just enough. I just got Destinee from the Spring collection-kind of reminds me of it actually.

  • PerilouslyPale

    Kate I think you may have been behind my original purchase! I miss Specktra, *sigh*

  • PerilouslyPale

    Tracy I really wanted Destinee. I thought it may be similar but a little more subdued. I guess I will satisfy myself with blotting Ballet Rousse!

  • Maggie S.

    Beautiful, luscious color! Berry shades are so under-appreciated.