The End of the World…..Almost

I am sorry to say that I will be taking somewhat of a hiatus. I am still going to do my best to get some content posted but our computer died on Saturday and until we replace it my hands are a bit tied. Thank goodness for my iPhone as I could not handle being completely cut off! Hopefully I will be up and running again soon but if you are aware of my personal situation at the moment you will know that having to purchase a new computer could not have come at a worse time. That makes deciding just what kind of investment to make all the more difficult.
Please bear with me. Hopefully Perilously Pale will be back and better than ever by the end of the week.
Christa xo
  • Erin Sm

    I feel your (financial) pain. Maybe we should try the lottery? :)

  • nikki

    Im so sorry! I love your blog so much! It is one of my favorites! I will miss your posts. I hope things turn around for you and we will see you back soon. Good luck!

  • Jessica

    I hope you’re up and running again! I always look forward to reading your posts.

    ♥ Jessica

  • Zuzu*s Petals

    My sympathies! Losing a computer (or online access) is almost as bad as being without heat and lights and hot water! I hope you can work something out.

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    Now that sucks. I hope you can find something affordable!

  • lizzybee

    Oh disaster time … ugh. You’re in my thoughts and prayers (my day should be coming soon …), Christa. xoxo Beth in Pgh ;-)