My Holiday Manicure – Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday over Butter London British Racing Green

My Christmas Eve and Christmas Day manicure was one coat Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday over two coats of Butter London British Racing Green. How about you? These pictures are kinda crap but it was a fun look. Kind of like multi coloured lights on the Christmas tree.


  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    I hope you had a great Christmas!! :) I love this mani! Very Festive!

  • flora_mundi

    Very holiday appropriate! Looks amazing and fun. FYI, just did a first order from and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.

  • Gauri

    My mouth is hanging open….this HAS to be the best manicure ever!!!

  • Margaret

    It totally does look like a christmas tree with different coloured baubles haha 😀