What’s Inside my August 2011 LUXE BOX by Loose Button?

You may remember I wasn’t too wowed by my first (July 2011) LUXE BOX. Well my feelings have not changed with the arrival of the August 2011 instalment.

Click to enlarge to see contents:

While it’s nice they sent me the Pur Minerals in shade light to match my skin tone as specified in my profile, I had also NOT selected foundation when filling out what types of samples I would like to receive in my box. I love trying out new foundations but since most brands don’t carry a shade of foundation fair enough for me I figured there wasn’t much point receiving samples knowing chances are there would never be a match. I have yet to test out the Pur Minerals powder but judging by how it looks in the compact it does indeed appear to be too dark.

I thought the handmade earrings were a really nice touch but unfortunately I can only wear gold earrings or my ears go crazy itchy and inflamed.

A good hand and body lotion is always nice to have but also not terribly exciting. This seems like a lovely formula though so we’ll see.

I haven’t tried the lip plumper out so I can’t say how it works but I will update on that at a later date. I haven’t really tried any lip plumpers and it’s not something I would generally spend my money on so it may be a nice way to try one out. It is quite teeny though.

Another perfume sample was included this month. Thankfully it was a bit larger size.

So there you have it. The contents of my August LUXE BOX. A nice assortment but again nothing stand out to a jaded consumer like myself. A great way for someone getting into higher quality cosmetics to try out some new things though.


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