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I am so honoured to have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by the beautiful Zuzu’s Petals at Everyday Beauty. I insist you check out her blog immediately if you aren’t already a follower as she does the most stunning reviews of my favourite brands and niche brands that I’m sure are bound to be favourites soon! She includes the most helpful swatches and comparisons that help me in all my online shopping adventures. Doesn’t hurt we share the same taste! Thanks Zuzu!!

I absolutely love the concept of this award and that it’s designed to help bring recognition to small blogs with fewer than 300 followers. Plus I don’t have to share silly info about myself again! LOL

The Liebster Award is designed to bring recognition to bloggers with fewer than 300 followers. Not only is this an award you receive, but it is also one that you give. If you receive a Liebster Blog Award you are asked to choose three other bloggers and send them an award as well.

Choosing three blogs for this award has been a difficult choice for me as I wanted to try and bring recognition to some of my favourite blogs that haven’t already been nominated (at least I don’t think they have).  

  • Lovesong for my Lipgloss Christina’s blog has helped me so much with her generous swatches of complete ranges of shades for various products and her thoughtful reviews. I also am happy to call her one my favourite bloggin buddies.
  • The Black Panties Not only does she have a great blog that started my interest in Le Metier de Beaute but she is also a super sweet girl who helped a girl in need supply her addiction.
  • Makeup Never Sleeps I love following Rachel’s blog to be wowed by her smokey eye looks and hot lips! She has cause many a thing to make it’s way into my online shopping cart 😉

I also wanted to join the catfight over Jenn at  Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup. She was my first blogging buddy and we love to feed each other’s addiction, err I mean devotion, to our favourite brands. 

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