Welcome to my blog!

Well… I’m starting a blog. Not because I think I have anything special to share with the world but for two rather personal reasons. For one, I’d like to have a sort of personal diary of looks that I’ve tried so that I remember what I liked and didn’t like. It drives me crazy when I’ve had a day where I think “hmm not too shabby” and then when I go to recreate it I have no idea what I used. The other, and most important reason, is as a source of swatches for others out there in need like myself. I live in the country and because I have two small children and a full time job shopping trips to the city are just something that never happens anymore. Even if they did, a lot of my favorite brands still wouldn’t be available to me. I do all of my shopping online. I rely almost primarily on my favorite blogs to see swatches of the products of considering purchasing and their opinions on them. Because of my situation I’m never going to be the first one to come out with a new collection on my blog but hopefully someone out there at some point will find this helpful!